Bamboo Brands

Accelerating growth with FMCG tailored agile innovation tools.

Bamboo Brands helps FMCG (food) companies increase the success of their product introductions. With their unique approach they can accurately predict base rate sales before the product has even been introduced. They do this by testing in real supermarkets Prototypes, Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and/or finished products.

All their tools are based on looking at behavior as inputs to predicting success (unlike other companies base their predictions on consumer generated opinions).

Bamboo Brands’ services encompass the entire innovation development cycle, from concept development to concept and product validation. Not only are they able to help you come up with new concepts, they will be able to tell you which will be the winning concepts you and your organization should pursue.

Their philosophy is that the exploration phase of innovation should be done outside the production environment of the company. Why you ask?! Innovation requires change and quick adaptation to quickly fine tune the concept to the needs of the consumer (it’s an iterative process). Production requires stable, consistent and uninterrupted time to produce efficiently (stable process) (= the total opposite of innovation).

Whereas most companies fully develop their products without checking with their shoppers whether the product is what they want, Bamboo Brands helps companies to check their assumptions regarding product design empirically in a shopper environment with real shoppers.

Bamboo Brands is the only one in the Netherlands that is able to provide FMCG food producers an iterative approach to product development where evidence generation to make fact based-decision is rooted on shopper behavior.

  • Innovation
  • Agile
  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Validation
  • Introduction
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