We offer satellite/drone image analyses including risk assessment, crop health monitoring and yield prediction for stakeholders in food value chain.

aWonderland was founded in August 2019 as a startup. The members include three MBA graduates from University of Oxford who are active in supply chain, banking and insurance, and private equity investment for agriculture and food processing companies, and two PhDs specialized in research and development of geoscience technology. aWonderland offers satellite/drone image analyses for stakeholders in food value chain. The service includes risk assessment for farmland, monitoring of crop growth and health, monitoring soil moisture, predicting crop yield, and estimate degree of loss and area after disasters. A reduction in the production cost has been proved by the crop monitoring service, for example, a saving of €194/ha/year for local rice growers in China. The crop yield prediction accuracy is as high as 90%. The information is important for farmers for precision farming, commodity traders to source goods and set prices, insurers to determine the premium and settle claims. Additionally for insurers, aWonderland provides vegetation indices as triggers for index insurance.

  • Satellite image analysis
  • Crop health monitoring
  • Yield prediction
  • Index insurance
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