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Kori tofu, made by extracting and condensing components of soybeans, also called the 'meat of the field', is rich in nutrients. A noteworthy feature is that half of the nutrients of Kori tofu is vegetable protein. It is also rich in calcium (490 mg per 100 g) and iron (5.8 mg per 100 g), and a good option to contribute to stay healthy Kori tofu is indeed a super food which we want to make available to the markets of the world.

Kori tofu has a low sugar content and no starch contrary to grains and potatoes. Sugar and starch are sources of energy and one of the required nutrients but consuming too much carries the risk of leading to diabetes and obesity.

Using Kori tofu instead of starch when making sweets or bread
can help cut the starch content with ease and Kori Tofu is expected to suppress Glucose levels in the blood when eating starch in combination with Kori Tofu. It can match well with many dishes, and depending on the arrangements, can be used in a wide variety of recipes.

With daily intake, Kori-Tofu is expected to suppress the rise of blood sugar level within hours after consumption, lower cholesterol on the long term and contribute to healthy eating. With a long term daily consumption, it is expected that it could prevent and improve diabetes. Studies have been initiated with WUR to seek confirmation concerning the health claims.

  • tofu (freeze dried)
  • plant protein
  • glucose suppression
  • cholesterol reduction
  • Japanese super food
  • ingredients
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