Arcadis Nederland B.V.

Arcadis, Foodvalley member  “We help start-ups to translate their ideas into practice”

“Which machines do you need to make a product? What techniques are available? And how do you make processes hygienic and energy efficient? Our business unit – a part of Arcadis – answers these questions for food companies. We design product lines to the specifications of suppliers, and then supervise their construction.

FoodSwitch program

We got to know Foodvalley NL through the FoodSwitch program, in which companies receive support in developing innovative technologies, such as for indoor farming and the production of plant-based proteins. Arcadis advises on which techniques are most suitable and contributes its network of machine builders and other technology suppliers.

Knowledge of sustainable processes

As a partner in the Foodvalley ecosystem – we’ve been a member since the beginning of 2021 – we are happy to help innovative start-ups translate their ideas into practice. We want to make them aware of the peripheral aspects that need to be arranged, such as permits if they are going to produce on an industrial scale. The processing of by-products and the cleaning of process equipment also differ substantially from the pilot phase in industrial production. Via Foodvalley, we also want to keep our knowledge of new, sustainable processes up-to-date and learn more about food technology. In this way we can fully utilize the potential of new food sources.”

Leen de Kluiver, Business Unit Manager Process Design & Engineering

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