Anterra Capital

Supporting entrepreneurs advancing the food transition

Innovation in biotech digital technology is increasing the efficiency and thereby the driving force behind sustainability of our food system. This is the firm belief of Anterra Capital. Over the past seven years, the investment company has helped over 25 entrepreneurs build their businesses.

“Foodvalley and Anterra Capital share the common goal of accelerating the transformation of our food system, leveraging companies that are working on sustainable solutions,” says Adam Anders, Managing Partner of Anterra Capital. “We have joined this ecosystem to find entrepreneurs to support and corporates to partner with, as we invest in technology driven companies that are aligned with Foodvalley’s Innovation fields: Protein Shift, Circular Agrifood and Food & Health.”

Digital technology

Anterra Capital brings a broad knowledge of digital technology and an extensive network within the venture capital community to the ecosystem. Anders: “Ten years ago, we were one of the pioneers in this emerging field and we are now putting our ideas into practice. We want to be the meeting point between entrepreneurs, technologies, established food corporates and the venture capital community to further accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system.”

Anterra Capital’s portfolio is active across the food value chain: from applications for digital data collection by farmers and environmentally-friendly herbicides to new solutions for reducing waste in the fruit and vegetable supply chain. Anders: “We are curious about the companies we will meet within the Foodvalley network and look forward to inspiring new collaborations.”

Contactperson: Adam Anders

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