Angry Camel

Authentic and healthy oriental snacks for on-the-go

Angry Camel anticipates to the growing demand for healthy, plant-based snacks, launching a range of Mediterranean products for on-the-go. The Swedish start-up joined Foodvalley in 2021 to meet partners to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas, and to share production facilities.

“Foodvalley has a rich ecosystem and is well connected to European research programs, for example when it comes to plant-based alternatives for dairy products,” says Bakr Jahhan, co-founder of Angry Camel. “Moreover, the network is headquartered in the Netherlands, which has many large and small food companies specializing in plant-based proteins as well as internationally leading centers for food and nutrition research. There are exciting developments taking place and we want to be part of this,” adds Kotaiba Aal, the other co-founder of the company.

Shared production facilities

Via Foodvalley, the two young entrepreneurs want to meet experts in the thermoprocessing of liquid foods and aseptic filling. They are also looking for shared production facilities. In their turn, they are happy to share their own expertise on Mediterranean foods and ambient products. “We have spent eight months on product development and have immersed ourselves in how to promote a product that is new on the market,” says Jahhan.

Building bridges

Moreover, the two can facilitate partnership bridges between the Netherlands and Sweden. “Sweden is an international leader in sustainability and has a very dynamic food market. It is also very innovative when it comes to, for example, packaging,” Aal explains. “As a start-up, we have built a great network here.”

Long shelf life

Angry Camel will soon launch an innovative range of tasty and nutritious hummus snacks, based on traditional family recipes but conveniently packaged in portable and hygienic packages that do not require refrigeration. The expected shelf-life is six months. The snacks can be used as a spread for sandwiches and crackers, or as a dip with vegetables. “We want our products to be on the shelves in Sweden within a year from now, and we will subsequently expand to other countries in Europe. But first we want to show that our ideas can be implemented, and validate them with customers and other stakeholders,” Jahhan concludes.


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