Aminola is a specialist in the development, import, export, production and distribution of high-value, high-quality vegetable ingredients for the international food and animal feed industry.

The expertise of Aminola lies mainly in plant-based proteins to replace resource-scarce animal-based proteins. The portfolio of Aminola also includes a wide range of plant-based carbohydrates, such as flours and starches.

Aminola has direct partnerships with manufacturers all over the world and storage facilities in European warehouses, which enables Aminola to make timely deliveries of vegetable ingredients. Furthermore, a strict quality monitoring program (BRC certified) ensures the quality and food safety of all Aminola ingredients.

When you choose Aminola, you get:

  • High product quality, food safety and reliability guaranteed
  • Direct partnerships with worldwide manufacturers
  • Strong logistics and distribution network
  • Production facilities that enable tailor-made solutions
  • Active investment in research and development of sustainable products
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