Agriconsulting GROW

Agriconsulting GROW (‘GROW’) is a one-person consulting business in the field of agriculture and development. GROW, based in Ede, the Netherlands, was started in 2018. Hongkun Oh (MSc in Organic Agriculture, Wageningen UR) is the president and the consultant of GROW.

The main services of the business consist of three areas:

  1. Connecting the Dutch and Korean agricultural industries, by providing practical information and business advice to Dutch or Korean clients who seek a favourable opportunity for potential food and agricultural business in respective countries.
  2. Building capacity of the Korean agricultural society, by providing professional language translation or tailor-made trainings on food and agriculture in close collaboration with partners and stakeholders in the Netherlands.
  3. Contributing to enhancing livelihood of farmers in developing countries, by providing expert advice on project development, capacity building, or monitoring and evaluation to development organizations working on agricultural development programmes in the field.
  • South Korea
  • Agriculture
  • Developing countries
  • Sustainability
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