Phycom Microalgae: 100% Vegan Protein Source

Phycom, a Foodvalley Member, can help you develop meat alternatives containing microalgae. There is growing interest in the use of new protein sources in food, such as insects and microalgae. Algae are a natural and highly efficient source of protein and essential amino acids. Microalgae are also suitable as a flavoring and binding agent in meat alternatives. Phycom microalgae have consistent quality and superior purity.

Benefits of microalgae in meat alternatives

  • 100% vegan protein source: one of the most interesting and scalable protein sources for the future.
  • Binder: suitable as a binding agent and can partially replace egg-white.
  • Taste: gives products a pleasant “umami” flavour.
  • Colour: gives a beautiful, natural green colour.
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