Optimel Greekstyle Yogurt

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of protein. As a result, yogurts that are higher in protein, like Greek yogurts, are gaining popularity around the globe. Greek yogurts are made via a straining process that results in a thicker, creamier texture. However, traditional Greek yogurts have a fat content of around 10%, which does form a barrier for the more health conscious consumers that are initially appreciative of the high protein benefit. In addition, Greek yogurts were only a very small niche in the Dutch market.

Optimel Greekstyle yoghurt is a fat-free, firm fresh yoghurt with no added sugar and rich fresh fruit. With 3 flavors in family or single-portion sizes. They are much lower in calories, whilst still offering the protein benefit. The texture is thick and creamy resulting in a smooth mouthfeel, despite containing 0% fat. Based on market success, the range was further extended in 2014 with both a plain and a fourth fruit variant.

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