Dutch Spices 100% vegetarian and vegan

Dutch Spices announced the fulfillment to produce vegetarian and vegan products. Besides producing allergen safe products, it’s Dutch Spices next step to be the first producer for 100% vegetarian and 100% vegan products.

Meet requirements

All raw materials are judged on the specific requirements. In addition cross-contamination is also investigated and excluded. This means all products from Dutch Spices are suitable for food industries producing products for consumers with a vegetarian and vegan feeding pattern.

Consumer motivation

Initially consumers chose a vegetarian diet because they didn’t want to eat meat anymore. Recently, we see a growing group of consumers choosing vegetarian because of sustainability. Another motive is the improved taste of meat substitutes. For a vegan diet sustainability and health are the main motives.

Motive product developers

Food producers embrace the increasing trend of vegetarian and vegan. Many companies indicate that this trend is an important motive for the development of alternatives like hybrid products.  For the other ingredients that are not allowed in a vegan diet, substitutes are also available.

Dutch Spices vegetarian and vega

Awareness of the right supplier

In the product development for a vegetarian and vegan feeding pattern, most developers use their regular ingredients. However, using products from Dutch Spices means no worries about allergen management and meeting the requirement for vegan and vegetarian products. This results in less interruption and worries in departments like purchase, product development and quality assurance.

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