BlaQmax™ black cumin extract with highest level of thymoquinone

Spices have been used for centuries and are getting more an more appreciated for their health benefits. Antioxidative and anti-inflammatory black cumin (Nigella sativa, “seed of blessing”) is one of these spices which was further investigated by spiceuticals manufacturer AKAY. The result of this 5 year intensive R&D project is a clean, safe and bioavailable health ingredient, standardized on its active: thymoquinone. Sales and marketing partner Lithos Ingredients is bringing the ingredient to the European market with a clear focus on BlaQmax as a natural, clean label, highly bioavailable black cumin extract with the highest thymoquinone contents. At a dosage of 100-200 mg a day, BlaQmax is an ingredient to be used in food supplements, either as a liquid or as a powder.

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