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Invitation to share initiatives on healthy nutrition solutions that contribute to the reduction of obesity by using a personalised nutrition approach. Do you have an innovative multipartner initiative on reducing obesity? Share your initiative now with Food Innovation Hub Europe and have a chance to win a 30,000 euros development budget, a year of monitoring and access to a large international food network.

What are we searching for?

Food Innovation Hub Europe is looking for new initiatives on Personalized Nutrition addressing the reduction of obesity (within Europe and beyond). The goal is to surface ideas for the partnership on the Food Innovation Hub in Europe and globally. Candidates can submit their idea, activity and offering in this field, including upcoming development steps. The multipartner initiative can be in existence or the initiative can come into existence via this Booster.

Think of:

  • a multipartner startup initiative to provide personalized nutrition in a hospital setting
  • an initiative to support healthy and sustainable food choices at a food event
  • a digital tool supporting healthy food choices
  • an initiative to support innovation in the field of sports and nutrition by use of personalized nutrition tools

The description of the initiative (in English) will include the following

A brief description of the initiative including foreseen impact, feasibility and collaboration.

Relevance of the initiative related to the following criteria:

  • Impact: The impact of the described initiative leads to a significant reduction of obesity by implementing Personalized Nutrition tools or technology. The initiative provides a positive impact on the people and the planet. The described initiative has the potential to shift people’s values and/or influence political and corporate policies in the field of obesity prevention, use of personalized nutrition tools or technology.
  • Feasibility: The initiative is rooted in local research and the initiative includes experts to ensure that the initiative is feasible at the technical, economic, political and social level.
  • Collaboration: The initiative is a joint effort by a variety of partners with different backgrounds or fields of expertise to make your initiative a success. The initiative supports ‘unlikely partnerships’ to support development in the field of reduction of obesity and personalized nutrition. The collaboration should consist of at least one partner from The Netherlands (this could be Foodvalley NL, contact Tjerna Ellenbroek or Jeroen Wouters for questions). Preferred position and specific emphasis will be given to initiatives coming from clusters/networks from Europe.

Description of the activities foreseen to be supported by Booster development budget.

General information, e.g. on type of applicant(s) and contact information (see application form, opens August 23rd).

This is what we have to offer

  • 30,000 euros development budget for 3 selected initiatives
  • Announcement at the World Food Day (Oct 15th).
  • 1 year of monitoring
  • Visibility of your initiative
  • Access to a large international food network

Good to know

  • The prize-award is to be used to support the development of the initiative, e.g. via a role of a transition broker or deepened collaboration within the initiative. The prize award budget will be provided under the “De minimis Regulation” conditions and it is of the responsibility of the submitting entity of Initiatives to verify the eligibility to receive the award budget under these conditions. The follow-up and impact analysis of the supported initiatives will be monitored during the first full year after receiving the prize-award.
  • Review and selection will take place between 1st and 15th of October. A presentation to the jury will be part of the selection process. Winning initiatives will be announced on Oct 15th (World Food Day).

Important timings

  • Call opens: August 23rd (via application form on this website)
  • Deadline submission: October 1st 2021 - 18.00 PM CET
  • Announcement winners: October 15th 2021

Announcement of the award winners!

On World Food Day, 15 October 2021, the three winners of Booster will be announced online. Feel free to join us and listen to the pitches by the winning initiatives. How do they plan to tackle and reduce obesity?Three awards will be presented to the winning initiatives each worth 30,000 euros, and to be used to support the initiatives in their next development steps.

The Terms-and-conditions of the Booster

Powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe

We can only change a food system together. Local, regional, national and global parties have to join and work transparently and energetically to accelerate the transition to an efficient, inclusive, sustainable, nutritious and healthy food system. To promote this collaboration, the World Economic Forum initiated together with public, private and civil society sector partners Food Innovation Hubs worldwide. Foodvalley NL is a leading partner towards the development of the Food Innovation Hub Europe to initiate collaboration and co-create innovation projects to address continent-specific challenges and connects regional hubs in the various member countries to address common and region-specific issues. This Booster is powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe.

Questions? Contact us

Jeroen Wouters
Global connections
+31 6 120 729 97

Tjerna Ellenbroek
Relations Liaison
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