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With more than 20 years of experience, Foodvalley NL connects partners, resources and facilities all over the world. With one important purpose: to work together on the transition to a sustainable food system. So, help us to accelerate this transition, and at the same time, help accelerate your business innovation and development.

Our ingredients to your success

Next to our Innovation fields, you can also participate in one or more activities that scale up your innovation more quickly. Take a look at these interesting and unique Innovation support activities:

Interested in becoming a member?

More and more international companies and organisations are active members of Foodvalley. Our members have access to the best facilities, resources across a wide scope of industries and disciplines and to potential investors and partnerships worldwide. All organisations, from start-up to multinational, are welcome to become members. Are you ready to be an innovator within the Foodvalley ecosystem, forging new partnerships? Join us!

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