Food & Health

Supporting groundbreaking innovations that will help people making the healthy choice the easy choice. That is the purpose of Food & Health. Manufacturers, physicians, health insurance, the media, logistics, caterers, retailers, food producers, ingredient suppliers and developers of consumer IT (such as apps): all these parties are needed in order to achieve immediate and substantial progress to let people age in a healthy way.

Make the healthy choice the easy choice

On average people are now all living a bit longer than they used to, but we do not really seem to succeed at staying healthy. Many people eat too much, which leads to diseases of affluence, such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. Then there are others who eat too little or poor quality food and, as a result, often suffer from micronutrient deficiencies. All of this leads to increased social costs and a lower quality of life, with many people feeling distinctly less healthy.


We strive to achieve the following by 2030:

  • 10% of people in the Netherlands, irrespective of age, enjoy better health.
  • A 5% decrease of the number of overweight people in the Netherlands.
  • A global increase of people eating according to the food recommendations.
  • Fruit and vegetable intake in Western countries has significantly increased.

Key activities

We invite (inter)national partners to participate in our key activities and initiatives. Economically driven, based on the needs of the business community, these are Food & Health’s key activities for the upcoming years:

Digitalisation & personalised nutrition

Integration of digitalisation within personalised nutrition shows enormous potential, but how it be used for those who really need it, those facing malnutrition and obesity? In order to tackle that challenge we started by defining what is it and what (business) potential is has as well as mapping out all the framework conditions, from data infrastructures and the legal perspective in the position paper. We also started a personalised nutrition community to guide parties on direction, process, content and pace. We set the agenda, develop programs, challenges, support and connect parties in the personalised nutrition ecosystem. 

Purchase & Eating environment

Together with partners from the Food & Health ecosystem, we want to develop solutions to create a better purchase and eating environment for consumers, as well as creating new routes to markets – such as home delivery  – that help to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

New food concepts & positive reformulation

With partners from the Food & Health ecosystem, we want to create new options through new food concepts and positive reformulation. Our ambition is to have products and services developed that contribute to health. These products and services should combine convenience, taste, price and availability.

An example is the Food Boost Challenge (2021), initiated by Foodvalley. In this Challenge, we focus on healthy eating habits for young adults. What makes this Challenge unique? We work closely together with the young adults for whom we are doing all of this. Together with talented pupils, students and businesses from the food world, we stimulate new food concepts and support promising initiatives with our network and our knowledge. In short: we connect key players in the (inter)national food system to move from idea to realisation. The result: more young adults with a healthy or healthier diet.

Participate now

Interested? Let’s join forces in the Food & Health field and:

  • Put your business on the global stage
  • Meet potential partners and investors
  • Get tailor-made advice on development, upscaling and marketing
  • Get inspired by new insights on optimisation of ingredients, products and technologies
  • Be the first to learn about the latest news and developments.

What our members say

DSM: "Foodvalley brings together the eco-system that we urgently need for the global food system transformation, including innovation and value chain players – all driven by an ambitious & eager team. There’s a perfect fit with DSM’s expertise and ambitions in the space of healthy food & nutrition, so participating was a no-brainer."


Would you like to know more about Food & Health and what we can do for you? Contact Judith at or +31 6 13 94 73 57.

Judith van der Horst - experience and passion

Judith has over 25 years of experience with Food & Health. She studied Biological Health Sciences (Maastricht University) and obtained her PhD in Human Nutrition and Epidemiology (Wageningen University & Research, WUR). After that, she worked in the food industry (Mars, Danone, Nutricia) in various positions for over 12 years.

In the following years, she worked as a department head at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research and Wageningen Center for Development innovation, both part of the contract research branch of WUR. During this period, Judith was connected to the Topsector Agrifood in an additional position as theme director Food & Health.

In July 2020, Judith became Innovation Lead Food & Health at Foodvalley NL. In this position, she can combine her experience in both research and the worlds of business. Judith is good at understanding and connecting various parties in the whole of the food system: from researchers to retailers to physicians to ingredient suppliers.


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