Circular Agrifood

Realizing groundbreaking innovations that accelerate the transition to circular, future-proof agriculture and strengthen the international competitive position of companies and knowledge suppliers inside and outside the Netherlands. This is the mission of the Circular Agrifood Innovation Theme.

More With Less

Global climate change, biodiversity loss and soil depletion. The current food system, in which everything revolves around high yields and low prices, is no longer sustainable. The impact on our own living environment is considerable, with excesses of valuable raw materials wasted in the food chain. If we want to be able to provide the growing world population with sufficient food in the future, we must change our approach, to one that prioritizes creating more value with less raw material, less energy and less waste: Circular Agrifood.

Circular Agrifood ambition

Within the Circular Agrifood Innovation Theme, Foodvalley NL's ambition is to achieve robust food production that is in balance with our living environment, respecting both climate and environment, while significantly reducing raw materials use and chainwide losses.

Knowledge, Innovation & Business

The Foodvalley ecosystem accelerates innovation and growth by connecting companies, from start-ups to multinationals, to the best possible knowledge, facilities, knowledge suppliers and potential partners.

Economically driven, based on the needs of the business community, here are Circular Agrifood's key innovation activities for the next decade:

  • Robust cultivation in healthy soils & sustainable livestock-farming;
  • Reducing the use of raw materials, combined with high-quality processing of residual flows;
  • Scaling up alternative cultivation methods, such as vertical agriculture.

A growing number of innovative companies, from start-ups to multinationals, and knowledge suppliers from the Netherlands and abroad, are working together in an open-innovation climate to bring groundbreaking innovative solutions rapidly to market. Companies from all over the world benefit from the knowledge, ingredients, products and technology developed within the innovation theme and so can play their part in transitioning to circular, future-proof agriculture.

The theme fits with the vision of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (Vision for Recycling Agriculture), the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Foodvalley offers agricultural businesses, suppliers of ingredients, products and technologies who become members of the ecosystem, the best knowledge, facilities, knowledge suppliers and potential partners within and outside the Netherlands. The ideal basis for accelerating growth and innovation.

Join in the Circular Agrifood theme for:

  • Tailor-made advice on development, upscaling and marketing;
  • Inspiration, new insights and optimization of ingredients, products and technologies for sustainable cultivation and waste reduction;
  • Be the first to get the latest news and developments;
  • Put your business on the global stage;
  • Meet potential partners and investors.


Want to know more about the Circular Agrifood Innovation Theme? Or want to discuss participation in a programme or project with us? Contact Guido Laman at Foodvalley NL.

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