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An ever-increasing world population, rapid urban growth and an increasing demand for safe and healthy food. Extensive malnutrition while so many are overweight. Extremes of climate and global warming. A food production system under great pressure.

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Through Foodvalley a growing number of international companies and organisations are working on ground-breaking solutions for a sustainable food chain that will provide enough healthy, affordable and tasty food for everyone. Together with our partners and members, we have defined an ambition and a course of action for three Innovation fields. Economically driven and based on the needs of the business community, the following Innovation fields will be the focus of Foodvalley in the coming years:

We need to ensure future-proof protein production and consumption. Our planet currently does not have the resources to supply enough protein for the estimated 2050 population of 10 billion. Therefor Protein Shift has two major challenges:

  • to increase consumption of plant proteins - and thereby restore the protein balance - in those parts of the world where animal proteins have become the major source of protein.
  • to prevent an unsustainable imbalance in huge countries like India, where protein overconsumption does not (yet) exist and plant proteins currently make a major contribution to everyday diets.

Strengthening the global protein ecosystem is the aim behind the Innovation field Protein Shift.

Developing a food system that optimally uses and reuses natural resources, raw materials and products. All resources used in ways that add the most value to the economy and cause the least damage to the environment. Together, we can build new circular chains, from farm to fork. This is the vision of Circular Agrifood.

Supporting groundbreaking innovations that help people age healthily. That is the purpose of Food & Health. Manufacturers, physicians, health insurance, the media, logistics, caterers, retailers, food producers, ingredient suppliers and consumer IT: all these parties are needed in order to achieve immediate and substantial progress towards making the healthy choice the easy choice.

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Jeroen Willemsen
Innovation Lead Protein Shift
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Jolijn Zwart - van Kessel
Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood

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Judith van der Horst
Innovation Lead Food & Health
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