R&D, a lab, a pilot plant, equipment or services for your agrifood company, if you find yourself in need of top quality research facilities or other facilities, it is worth looking at what the Foodvalley Members and our network have to offer. Such as advanced equipment for phenotyping or 3D X-ray scanning of food products. Or the knowledge and equipment for measuring the effect of nutrients on human performance.

You can also draw on their expertise in testing and designing food products in general, developing special food products targeted at athletes and physically active consumers, or accelerating the commercial application of novel plant compounds.

Our (research) facilities have a deep understanding of all aspects of agriculture, manufacturing, food processing and marketing. They are willing to share them with you. Look below at the list of just some of the facilities available. You can also contact our experts and let us find you the right connections.

Use our facilities:


Petra Roubos
Manager Foodvalley Facilities
+31 317 48 79 91