Startup and scaleup support

How do I start an agrifood company? How can I scaleup?

The Foodvalley ecosystem offers a variety of support programs for agrifood startups and scaleups that help to develop entrepreneurial skills and more.

Choose one of the programs below that suits your needs best, as entrepreneur and as new company.

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Early Startup:

StartLife Accelerate supports agrifood startups in the pre-seed stage. The program provides a loan, allowing the startups to make their first steps toward developing their business. Apart from funding, the StartLife program offers training in various areas of business development such as building a team, financial modelling and market validation.

Late Startup:

Foodvalley Accelerator is a support and training program of Foodvalley NL and ScaleUp Company for small innovative food and agriculture firms that are looking to scale up their operations. The mission is to empower agrifood scaleups with the tools, accountability and network to grow and flourish after the startup phase. The Foodvalley Accelerator started in the spring of 2019.


ScaleUpFood is a comprehensive support program dedicated to scaling entrepreneurial ventures in food and agriculture.

ScaleUpFood will address venture scaling challenges first by carrying out ongoing fact-based research to uncover the success factors of global food and agri scale-up companies. Then, the invite-only support program starting in October addresses areas specific to food and agri scale-ups like strategic selling to large corporates, specialized finance, and data driven business model extensions. The program engages top Dutch corporates and innovative mid-caps for collaboration with the scale-ups. After the program, qualified ventures will be invited for longer term tailored support, collaboration opportunities and access to series-B level funding.

Regional Support:

Oost NL is the regional development agency for Gelderland and Overijssel and part of the countrywide network of regional development agencies. Oost NL runs an investment readiness programme and market readiness programme for early stage growth companies. In De Startversneller start-ups can get small grants for coaching and in De Groeiversneller growth companies grants for hiring external expertise supporting growth, like businessplans, market research, exportplans and IP. Oost NL manages multiple investment funds.

Private Incubator:

BOX (Blue Ocean Xlerator) is a startup accelerator for startups in agri, food and life sciences. It focuses on sustainable breakthrough technology. BOX is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It aims to help build companies from the ground up, including putting together a team and scale up any technology needed to speed company growth. Box has its own research and development firms, TDI and TOP, which provide tailored expertise, from research and advisory work to factory design.