Set Up a Branch in the Netherlands

    Why not set up a branch in the Netherlands with its favorable business climate? National Geographic dedicated in 2017 a story on the Netherlands as an ‘agricultural giant’. The headline said: ‘This tiny country feeds the world.’ According to the magazine, the Netherlands show what the future of farming and food could look like.  Foodvalley can help you find the right business partners and knowledge suppliers, including companies that will help you with legal issues.


    The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agrifood products in the world. This is primarily thanks to the knowledge-intensive high tech agrifood ecosystem. Many universities and research institutes, universities of applied sciences and private companies provide the knowledge that can help you setting up a flourishing establishment. Moreover, the state of the art shared facilities make it easier to start your branch in the Netherlands on a small scale.

    There are many highly qualified and skilled employees in the Netherlands. Most people are fluent in English. Combined with the open Dutch society, this makes the Netherlands for foreign workers and their families an attractive country to live and work in. In short, the business climate is good.


    The Dutch agrifood ecosystem is characterized by a high degree of collaboration between companies, knowledge institutes, education and governments. By working together they create an ideal environment for the development of world class innovative agrifood and food-related solutions. This cooperation is not limited to Dutch companies, but also involves businesses from other countries. International businesses are welcomed.

    Supportive government

    The Dutch government supports innovation, research and growth, especially when it comes to the ‘Top Sectors’, the Dutch world class industries. ‘Agrifood’ is such a Top Sector, just as ‘Life Sciences and Health’ and ‘Horticulture’. Moreover, there is government funding for innovative startups. Netherlands Enterprise Agency is a special government agency that informs and helps foreign entrepreneurs that are considering establishing in the Netherlands.

    Business climate and infrastructure

    The business climate and infrastructure in the Netherlands is excellent. The port of Rotterdam is the largest harbour in Europe, and the Netherlands has a large network for transport by road, rail or water. There are many first-rate logistics service providers. Moreover, there is a superb digital infrastructure.

    In the Province of Gelderland in the area around Wageningen and Ede is a concentration of agrifood  companies, research institutes and (shared) facilities. Many stakeholders work together to make sure the infrastructure for doing in this part of the country is as beneficial as possible, and employees enjoy working and living in this region together with their families. This includes mobility and recreation.


    The Netherlands has more than 17 million inhabitants. The relatively high average income make it an attractive market. Less than 200 kilometres from the capital Amsterdam is the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) in Germany, where another 5 million consumers live.

    These factors altogether make a branch in the Netherlands with its business climate the perfect gateway to Europe and beyond.

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