Foodvalley Facilities

Advanced research and development, but also upscaling and production, are fundamental to successful innovation. Foodvalley ensures access to the best research, trial and production facilities in the ecosystem. The dedicated Foodvalley Facilities Team helps agrifood companies, knowledge provider and academia to connect to precisely the facilities they need to accelerate their particular innovations.

Whether it’s advanced research equipment, high performance computing, research facilities,  test kitchens, (pilot) production plants or field farms, the Foodvalley has a wide range of top-class research, trial and production facilities available. This allows agrifood companies to research and test their innovations extensively before launching them onto the market.

The Foodvalley Facilities Team is connected to the Shared Research Facilities Department. of Wageningen University & Research, a collaboration which opens a huge network of research facilities to our ecosystem members.

If we cannot, currently, offer the facilities you need, together we can investigate if shared investment with other users is possible.

Connecting supply and demand
Sharing facilities is an elegant solution: research equipment, laboratories and resources are usually highly expensive. We have created a network of shareable facilities, wherein each user pays only for what they use. It is also possible to connect to the network and share your facilities with others. Another advantage of sharing facilities is that a network of expertise and knowledge builds between users of the same facilities.

If you want to use any of ‘our’ facilities, register your own facility or have another question, please contact the Foodvalley Facilities Team.

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Petra Roubos
Shared Facilities Lead
+31 317 48 79 91


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