Find Business Partners

Companies, especially in the agrifood sector, can benefit significantly from working together with business partners. By doing so, they can benefit from each other’s expertise and facilities. But where can they find business partners?

Foodvalley NL has access to a large international network and organizes matchmaking and networking events, and has 15 years of experience connecting people and businesses. Moreover, we offer access to advanced research facilities, (food grade) pilot facilities and other shared facilities. Foodvalley Members can also request an innovation scan, a document with relevant companies, organizations and projects.

International delegations

Foodvalley NL receives delegations with representatives from governments, companies, research institutes and investors from countries everywhere in the world. A selection of Dutch agrifood companies and knowledge institutes are invited to attend these meetings. It offers them the possibility to explore new business opportunities.


There are also many individual companies that visit Foodvalley looking for business opportunities. They are informed about the Foodvalley ecosystem, and also matched with relevant companies and knowledge institutes.

Foodvalley offers a variety of possibilities to find business partners:


Jeroen Wouters
Director International Relations & Human Capital
+31 6 120 729 97



Tjerna Ellenbroek
Project Manager
+31 6 134 839 54