Expand Globally

    Foodvalley offers access to a large global network of businesses, research and education institutes and government bodies by B2B tailor-made matchmaking, and amongst others by organizing missions, tours and events. It offers companies possibilities to expand globally.

    Moreover, Foodvalley participates in a variety of programs that stimulate exploring new markets, international cooperation and accelerate innovation and introduction to market. Foodvalley NL is also working closely together with food clusters in other countries.

    Incoming missions

    Every year Foodvalley receives delegations with representatives from governments, companies, research institutes and investors from countries everywhere in the world. A selection of Dutch agrifood companies and knowledge institutes are invited to attend these meetings. It offers them the possibility to explore new business opportunities by networking with their counterparts from other countries and receiving relevant business information, for example on legal issues. On the other hand, visiting companies are also informed about the favorable business climate.

    There are also many individual companies that visit Foodvalley looking for business opportunities. They are informed about the Foodvalley ecosystem, and also matched with relevant companies and knowledge institutes.

    Moreover, Foodvalley NL organizes a series of food innovation tours visiting innovative companies and state of the art research institutes.

    Outgoing missions

    In 2019 Foodvalley NL organized the NF4 innovation tour to China. Foodvalley is one of the food clusters taking part in the EU funded New Frontiers in Food Fast Forward (NF4) program that stimulates internationalization for innovative food SMEs. NF4 organizes innovation tours to promising markets outside Europe.

    Moreover, Foodvalley contributes to many international conferences, spreading the mission of the Foodvalley ecosystem and stimulating business opportunities. Besides, Foodvalley participates in international trade shows, together with partners showcasing agrifood innovations on the joint booth.


    CO-FRESH, coordinated by CNTA (Spain), brings together farmers, manufacturers, scientists and other stakeholders across the value chain in a shared ambition to shorten time-to market for innovations.

    FOOD2020 is a German-Dutch cross-border cooperation between companies. It is realized by experts and research facilities, working closely with business in order to stimulate the transfer of technology and innovative developments. Food2020 is supported by the INTERREG-program.

    The Poultry Expertise Centre focuses on the development and distribution of knowledge and innovations. The projects address issues in the international poultry industry.

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