Green Protein Alliance

The Green Protein Alliance (GPA, 2016) is a social movement that is committed to restoring the protein balance in the Dutch food pattern: from 60 – 40 (animal – vegetable protein) to 50 – 50 in 2025. The GPA does this with members who offer perspective to consumers, for example retailers and B-2-C brands, and with partners who contribute to the credibility and monitoring of the (impact of) activities of the alliance.

Foodvalley partner

Foodvalley and GPA are partners because the GPA is an important player in the Dutch Protein Shift Ecosystem. Many of the activities and interventions of the GPA are interesting for members of Foodvalley / The Protein Cluster who have taken or want to take the step towards introducing products into Dutch retail or out-of-home.


Jeroen Willemsen

Innovation Lead Protein Shift

+31 6 177 380 37

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