Mission: Shaping the future of food together

Vision: 2050 | The year in which our food system offers food security to ten billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food, with respect for animals and our planet.


Why: With the ever growing world population, urbanizing, inefficient use of raw materials, farmland and water shortage, the current speed of climate change and the concurrent presence of obesity, hunger and malnutrition this vision urgently calls for the development of breakthrough solutions that lead to structural system change, for our future and the following generations.

To achieve these breakthroughs, there is a need for more disruptive and faster innovations, more and new forms of cooperation, all with the use of different technologies and collaborations with unlikely partnerships along the value chain, across sectors and borders.

Only together we can achieve this vision.

How: Foodvalley NL has its roots in the Foodvalley region, is of national importance and has international ambitions. Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developing and strengthening the Foodvalley ecosystem; an international network of organizations that jointly work on the transition to a sustainable food system. Foodvalley NL is the independent organization that guides parties through the transition, on direction, process, content and, by keeping the pace. This in close cooperation with governments – international, national and regional – and renowned educational and research institutions.

What: In close cooperation with the ecosystem, Foodvalley NL sets the agenda, develops programs, challenges, initiates, supports and connects. Thanks to years of experience, Foodvalley NL is able to identify and value innovations and opportunities at an early stage and to provide the right contacts, knowledge and resources. This in order increase impact.

We enable the ecosystem to scale up innovations more quickly, for companies to grow and develop swifter, for new activities to be enticed and international interest generated. This creates a flywheel of scientific development and economic growth. It will also act as a magnet for talent and create new, high-quality employment. Because the challenges on a global scale are so great, comprehensive and essential, the interest is high and a successful Foodvalley NL will be able to make an important contribution to the earning capacity of the Netherlands, now and in the future.

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