Foodvalley Accelerator

    The Foodvalley Accelerator is a program of Foodvalley NL and ScaleUp Company to support companies accomplishing growth after the startup phase. Started spring 2019, the Foodvalley Accelerator has been developed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

    "Our mission is to empower agrifood entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability and network to grow and flourish after the startup phase."

    About the program


    Where most Accelerators programs last three months, we offer an intensive program of one year. All program sessions take place in Foodvalley region. The program includes three essential elements for growth:

    • Tools
      1 Kick off + 4 Learning Days: Each quarter starts with a Learning Day. During these Learning Days practical tools are provided useful for the daily operations of your business. The Learning Days are led by ScaleUp Pro, Mirik Castro.
      The tools are based on the principles of the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 (Verne Harnish), a proven, practical methodology for growth. This method highlights four themes. Each quarter one of these themes is key.

      1. People
      2. Strategy
      3. Execution
      4. Cash
    • Accountability
      6 Accountability sessions: The so called Accountability sessions will take place once per month. During these sessions you discuss your progress, pitfalls and challenges with peers and a coach.
    • Network
      Participating in this program entails you become a Foodvalley Member (if you are not yet). Foodvalley is a broad agrifood netwerk that can connect you to the right organisations to help your company grow.

    The picture below summarizes the program elements.

    For whom

    The Foodvalley Accelerator is open for late-stage agrifood startups with an innovative scalable product or service already on the market, who are now ready to scale.

    Why you should join? Watch the video below!


    The participation fee is €2,000 excl. VAT per person. This includes all training materials, lunch, etc. Participate in Foodvalley Accelerator entails you also become Member of Foodvalley (if you are not yet), the international agrifood Foodvalley Network.


    You can register for the Foodvalley Accelerator throughout the year and start at the first available date. The first possible start date for 2020 is Friday 15 May. Sign up for Foodvalley Accelerator by clicking here and we will contact you for an intake.


    The learning days are provided by Mirik Castro, Scaleup Pro at ScaleUp Company. Mirik had gained experience by founding various companies himself which makes him an excellent trainer of Foodvalley Accelerator. Trained at Boston Consulting Group, he helped many Scale-Ups with his Holland Turnaround to improve and make their business model scalable.





    Coaches are the primary tool for knowledge transfer, sharing their experience, ideas, and networks with the startups.  The Foodvalley Accelerator features Accountability Sessions by industry-leading coaches. Janine Zappini is one of them. She is a passionate entrepreneur at heart and a lover of foods that are not only healthy but evenso functional, convenient, empowering and of coure enjoyable. Click here to read all about Janine. More coaches to be announced soon!



    The first group of entrepreneurs started the accelerator program in the spring of 2019. Find a few of the participants below.


    Kai Pruiksma
    Project Manager
    +31 6 134 893 86

    Rene van der Veen Multiflour

    Step into the world of ancient grains, pseudo cereals and pulses.

    As a representative of Mühle-Kottmann, Müller’s Mühle GmbH and Ziegler Natural Products, all three renowned German companies in the field of grains and pulses, Multiflour delivers products for various bakery related companies.


    Multiflour has extensive knowledge of the full production chain of grains and pulses. Therefore Multifour is also a valuable negotiating partner- collaborator in the field of innovation and product development in the food industry.

    Marjanne Prins BonDuo

    “You are never too old to learn.”


    BonDuo® is a delicious protein-rich breakfast with vitamin D and fiber. A smart combination of natural ingredients. Crunchy balls of high-quality protein, packed in the best quality Belgian chocolate and a specially developed high-fiber dairy product form a beautiful duo, hence the name BonDuo®. What looks like a tasty dessert is a nutritious breakfast.

    Jasmijn Bleijerveld Beejasmijn

    "I wish to grow my self-confidence necessary to lead Jasmine Bee to success, with the offered and proven management tools and sharing experiences with a group of likeminded entrepreneurs.”


    Jasmine Bee is founded to stop deforestation practices in Tanzania by developing a commercial beekeeping supply chain that depends on the vitality of the forest. We strongly believe preservation can only succeed when forest communities can access commercial opportunities that are in harmony with their environment.

    Jasmine Bee’s Tanzanian forest honey is collected by our 1,000 smallholder beekeepers combining indigenous knowledge of extensive beekeeping with the European and US requirements in harvesting, processing and packaging for organic bees’ products.

    Support for Startups

    The Foodvalley Accelerator, together with ScaleUpFood, StartLife and BOX, completes the support for startups and scaleups in the Foodvalley ecosystem:


    ScaleUpFood is a comprehensive support program dedicated to scaling entrepreneurial ventures in food and agriculture.

    ScaleUpFood will address venture scaling challenges first by carrying out ongoing fact-based research to uncover the success factors of global food and agri scale-up companies. Then, the invite-only support program starting in October addresses areas specific to food and agri scale-ups like strategic selling to large corporates, specialized finance, and data driven business model extensions. The program engages top Dutch corporates and innovative mid-caps for collaboration with the scale-ups. After the program, qualified ventures will be invited for longer term tailored support, collaboration opportunities and access to series-B level funding.

    StartLife supports agrifood startups in the pre-seed stage. The program provides a loan, allowing the startups to make their first steps toward developing their business. Apart from funding, the StartLife program offers training in various areas of business development such as building a team, financial modelling and market validation.

    BOX (Blue Ocean Xlerator) is a startup accelerator for startups in agri, food and life sciences. It focuses on sustainable breakthrough technology. BOX is run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It aims to help build companies from the ground up, including putting together a team and scale up any technology needed to speed company growth. Box has its own research and development firms, TDI and TOP, which provide tailored expertise, from research and advisory work to factory design.