Fields of Innovation

    Foodvalley has four main themes, the Fields of Innovation. These are:

    Protein Shift

    The protein transition in the Netherlands focuses on restoring the protein consumption balance with less animal proteins, more plant-based proteins and a reduction of protein overconsumption. Innovation plays a major role to achieve attractive sensory characteristics, and to increase consumer acceptance of green proteins.

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    Circular Agriculture

    Circular Agriculture is an important aspect of the circular economy. It means that agriculture will be an almost closed loop without external input of resources and no leakage of nutrients or minerals into the environment. One of the aspects is smart farming, for example precision farming, where geo-information and sensors are used to optimize the growth.

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    Food & Health

    A healthy diet helps to stay on a healthy weight and helps to prevent from illnesses. A healthy nutrition also contributes to healthy ageing. The agricultural sector, the food production industry and knowledge institutes (including medical), work together to develop and produce innovative and healthy products. The Netherlands wants to play a pioneering role in food & health innovation, but also wants to reduce food waste.

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    Smart & Digital Technology

    Applying smart technology and IT, breakthrough innovation is within reach. Using state of the art data science, sensor technology and AI make it possible to gain new insights and accelerate innovation in the Protein Shift, Circular Agriculture and Food & Health.

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    Gerlinde van Vilsteren
    Innovation Manager
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