Foodvalley NL initiative insect products on consumers' menus ready to fly!

Insects will be an important source of responsible, circular, and healthy proteins on the plate of North-West European consumers soon. Although we still see some reluctance, this statement is so convincing to producers of insect products, they want to unite in a shared market initiative. At the workshop, organised by Foodvalley NL on 24 November, several companies and experts met to collaboratively outline a joint initiative.

Connect all relevant stakeholders

Of course, there was discussion about the barriers that still exist for many consumers and foodservices and retail companies. Why bet on insect-based products such as burgers, protein shakes, bread, and pasta? Even though insects are now often still something for enthusiasts, the taste and texture of insect products should not have to stand in the way of insect products being a mainstream choice these days.

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Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood (left)

Caroline Duivenvoorden, Programme Manager, Circular Agrifood (right)

Looking at the potential role of insects in a circular and more sustainable agrifood system, the momentum is there to move from unknown makes unloved, towards a structural addition to the shelf and menu. Foodvalley NL, in its role as an independent party, will drive this initiative and connect all relevant stakeholders needed to make this shift towards a more insect-based product on the plate of consumers reality.

Are you a retailer or food service company and do you have ambitions to be part of this journey? Or are you the gamechanger not to be missed in this transition? Contact Foodvalley NL for more information about the Initiative! More info about  Insects on the plate of the customer

Tuesday 13 December 2022, 09.00 – 10.30 CET| Foodvalley Partners only.

We have a specially selected programme with inspirational pitches and some surprising insights on Protein Shift, Food and Health and Circular Agrifood. The event programme has been composed for and by Foodvalley partners. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with the speakers. See the full programme below.

The event is free of charge for our partners and will take place online. Click on the button to register.


Hosted by Marjolein Brasz, CEO Foodvalley NL

  • Accelerators for innovation!
    Pieter Lorwa, sr. business associate Gwynt
  • Sustainable, innovative and personalized medical food – vital change in patient care
    Aldwin Vriesema, Vice President of Global Sales Dutch Medical Food
  • Data-driven preventive lifestyle coaching
    Tommie Koppens, founder & CEO FitSurance
  • Future sensors & digital twins – what’s in it for me?
    Nicole Koenderink, Researcher Wageningen University & Research
  • Effect of Kori-tofu on the level of cholesterol
    Interview with Kinoshita, CEO Asahimatsu Foods and Tom van Loenhout, Cardiologist Ziekenhuis De Gelderse Vallei

First hybrid event of Upcycling Community

Tuesday 13 september the Upcycling Community of Foodvalley NL had it’s first hybrid event. At the location of the Stadsbrouwerij in Wageningen there were about 20 partners and some guest who wanted to learn more about the Upcycling Community. They started with a networking lunch with local and food made of circular ingredients. There was a lot of energy to collaborate on upcycling of sidestreams.

Plenary session with a diverse international group

For the plenary part we also welcomed about 10 online participants, which made it a diverse international group. We were very pleased to have four new partners taking part in the event: Greencovery, NOPalm Ingredients, Meatco and Circular Food Solutions. During the plenary part we introduced three of our technology providers in the Upcycling community:

They presented their company and their expertise and the technologies they developed to valorize sidestreams of food industry towards circular ingredients. We discussed with the community partners about the role of technology providers and the challenges and opportunities they have to create breakthrough innovations.

Inspiring discussion with Madhura Rao

Our guest speaker Madhura Rao – PhD researcher at the Universiteit Maastricht shared insights on her research about barriers and enablers for valorisation of foodlosses and processing byproducts. It brought up an inspiring discussions between our partners about:

  • The potential opportunities for new legislation that stimulates processing of food waste
  • The potential value of private standards for circular products
  • The possibilities to better match supply and demand of upcycled ingredients for food.

All topics that were touched upon during the event strongly link to the programme that Foodvalley NL is developing for the Upcycling Community partners in 2023. Interested to get introduced to the Upcycling Community? Please contact: Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel or Caroline Duivenvoorden.

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Jolijn Zwart- van Kessel, Innovation Lead Circular Agrifood (left)

Caroline Duivenvoorden, Programme Manager, Circular Agrifood (right)

Congrats to all listed in the Food100 2022! 

On August 31, the list Food100 has been published. Foodvalley NL is proud partner, third year in row. Once again featuring 50 up-and-coming talents under 35 and 50 established food changers over 35.

By connecting generations, the Food100 creates a list of people who together can make an even bigger impact and set an example for many. 

Foodvalley NL stimulates and guides food changers for their innovations on their challenging journey to sustainable and healthy food for ten billion people worldwide​ in 2050.

“The nomination as Food Hero is an important recognition of my work. You feel part of a network. People know how to get in contact and the title creates more awareness.” – Eva Koffeman, Food Hero 2021

And we are happy to see a great number of our partners in de Food100 list:  

We wish all the nominees a great journey towards the spotlight on November 25th when the Food Heroes will be announced. 


Food100 is powered by:

Are you a food changer? Sign up for Food100!

The Food100 is being compiled again this year! With the Food100, initiators Slow Food Youth Network, AgriFood Capital, Food Hub and Food Inspiration want to encourage and give a stage to everyone who is active within the Dutch food system.

Up-and-coming talent and established leaders

An independent jury makes a top 100 list of up-and-coming talent and established leaders who are working hard for better and more sustainable food. By giving these people a stage and making the list public, food changers have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact together.

This year the list will once again feature 50 up-and-coming talents under 35 and 50 established food changers over 35. By connecting generations, the Food100 creates a list of people who together can make an even bigger impact and set an example for many. You can apply via:

Why do you want to be on the list?

  • Access to a network of over 300 impact makers in food
  • Opportunity to become Food Hero of 2022 with an additional nomination
  • An exclusive spot at the Food Inspiration Trend Table during the annual Food100 event

The Food100 jury of 2022

For the sixth time in 2022, the initiators of the Food100 are compiling a list of inspiring food changers. An independent jury of experts from across the food chain will select the 100 most appealing examples from all the entries:

  • Isabel Boerdam, founder of Green Food Lab, De Hippe Vegetariër and De Week Zonder Vlees (Meatless Week)
  • Dr Jeroen Candel, senior lecturer in public administration, member of the Council for Animal Affairs and the supervisory board of the Transition Coalition Food
  • Christiaan Vette, independent advisor on strategy, innovation and transformation
  • Anne Reijnders, inspires new eating behaviour with De Lekkere Man and through television programmes
  • Tim van der Mark, pig farmer and board member of Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt
  • Tarique Arsiwalla, founder of Protix, investor in sustainable agri start-ups and strategic advisor to Vermaat Group
  • Dalila Sayd, works on a social food landscape with Het Eetschap.

Food100 is powered by:

“The nomination as Food Hero is an important recognition of my work. As a Food Hero you feel part of a network. People know how to find you better and the title creates more awareness.” – EVA KOFFEMAN, FOOD HERO 2021

OnePlanet Research Center

By combining the food world with the upstream of digitalisation, growth and upscaling is possible. For many entrepreneurs, the future possibilities of chip and digital technologies are unknown.

OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University, Radboud UMC, and nano-technology world-player IMEC. The Research Center supports companies in disruptive new technologies and domain expertise resulting in innovation processes for real-life applications.

Foodvalley partner

Smart, chip, and digital technologies are key in all Foodvalley Innovation Fields, such as key activity Personalised Nutrition in the Food & Health Innovation Field.

By partnering with OnePlanet Research Center, we support our members in breakthrough opportunities in ‘Precision health, Nutrition & Behavior’ and in ‘Precision Agriculture, Food & Environment’.

One Planet Research Center is also a co-author of the Personalised Nutrition Position Paper.


Innovation Lead Food & Health

+31 6 139 473 57

Taskforce Korte Keten

The Taskforce Korte Keten (TKK) is a foundation that originated from a joining of forces of seven entrepreneurs and experts in the short chain, inspired by years of experience and challenges. The TKK is a unique collaboration that aims to support and strengthen the regional dynamics and momentum of short food chains by sharing knowledge, facilitating development and making the best use of the momentum.

Foodvalley partner

Realisation of the ambitions as expressed in the National Protein Strategy benefits from short(er) chains. For example, aimed at connecting Dutch growers of protein crops with (Dutch) processors, suppliers and consumers. Foodvalley NL therefore initiated the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands together with the TKK, aimed at bringing Dutch vegetable proteins to life, for soil, farmer and citizen.


Jeroen Willemsen

Innovation Lead Protein Shift

+31 6 177 380 37

Green Protein Alliance

The Green Protein Alliance (GPA, 2016) is a social movement that is committed to restoring the protein balance in the Dutch food pattern: from 60 – 40 (animal – vegetable protein) to 50 – 50 in 2025. The GPA does this with members who offer perspective to consumers, for example retailers and B-2-C brands, and with partners who contribute to the credibility and monitoring of the (impact of) activities of the alliance.

Foodvalley partner

Foodvalley and GPA are partners because the GPA is an important player in the Dutch Protein Shift Ecosystem. Many of the activities and interventions of the GPA are interesting for members of Foodvalley / The Protein Cluster who have taken or want to take the step towards introducing products into Dutch retail or out-of-home.


Jeroen Willemsen

Innovation Lead Protein Shift

+31 6 177 380 37


The aim of the pan-European Smart Specialization Strategy Food (S3Food) Partnership is to set-up a platform and supportive business ecosystem between agri-food clusters and clusters representing technology and/or digital solution providers, relevant RTOs and other stakeholders. The S3Food partnership Smart Sensor 4 Agri Food (SS4AF) specifically aims to lower the barriers for agri-food companies to access and implement the newest smart sensor systems, make them acquainted with and train them in data management and mining, etc. and thus facilitate and enable the Industry 4.0 transition of the agri-food industry.

Foodvalley partner

Foodvalley NL takes part in the S3Food partnership to accelerate the digital transition. In combination with the research organization One Planet, research & development and business communities are connected. The participation in the S3 Food partnership SS4AF will allow us to initiate and collaborate in joint (EU-Funded) projects to stimulate access and implementation of smart sensor systems.

Digital innovation in the agrifood industry


Jeroen Wouters

Global Connections

+31 6 120 729 97

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