Community meeting PlantFWD

The protein community is proud founding partner of PlantFWD, a brand-new conference on the protein transition that brings together international start-ups, brands and investors to build a ‘plant forward’ future. National and international speakers on strategy, branding, sales and consumer behaviour for plant-based brands will be presentTickets for TPC-partners are on sale now for a special, discounted price. 

Visiting PlantFWD: discover the mind of the consumer 

At PlantFWD you will find inspiring stories and experts focusing on customer behaviour, needs and demands. Not only products, but also retail channels and customer experience. The supermarket of the future gives you a sneak preview of what that looks like in practice. From the protein community, we contribute to the increasing demand for local protein products.

More information on the PlantFWD program can be found below.

Community meeting & break out

During this international event, the TPC-community meeting will take place, combined with drinks and networking afterwards. TPC is organising a break-out session: ‘Smart Scaling with Local Proteins’. We will dive into the power of local protein brands that have found the sweet spot of the consumer. TPC partners have the opportunity to take the stage during this session. More information will follow.   

Anyone can attend PlantFWD. Discounted tickets are available exclusively to TPC partners. All TPC partners have received an email invitation with a registration link. Are you interested in becoming a partner of The Protein Community? Please contact Leo Koning.

Programme PlantFWD

Speakers Line up:  

  • Ikenna Azuike 
    Journalist, filmmaker, writer and  moderator for Plant FWD. 
  • Koert van MensvoortArtist
    Director Next Nature Network 
    The Next Nature of Plant Forward Foods
  • Ray Klaassens 
    Former Special Forces & instructor on the tv-show ‘Kamp van Koningsbrugge’ 
    Lessons for Building Strong Collaborations from an ex-Special Forces commando
  • Shaunagh Duncan and Martin Ringqvist  
    Head of Sustainability Oatly  & Executive Creative Director EMEA at Oatly 
    How Oatly is Balancing Growth & Activism
  • Isabel Boerdam  
    Founder Green Food Lab and National Week without Meat & Dairy 
    Lessons Learned from the National Week without Meat & Dairy
  • Eva van den Broek
    founder Behavioural Insights Foundation
    Designing Successful Campaigns with Behavioural Insights 


Participate in several break-out sessions, and of course join us at the tpc break out. Meet the founders of promising start- and scale-ups. Network with policy makers, investors and corporations   
Plant FWD 2023 is supported by The Protein Community, the Municipality of Amsterdam, The Province Noord-Holland, Impact Hub, Oatly, Marley Spoon, Jamael Food Group and many more 

Foodleap 2.0 is now available

Foodleap 2.0 is now available

Community partners have already had access to an early version of Foodleap. Now we are happy to present you an updated version 2.0 of Foodleap. This time it is available to all of you.

What is Foodleap?

A qualified network is essential for the growth of your business. However, finding quality contacts can be difficult and time consuming. There are many conferences to attend and it can be difficult to find that key partner outside of your own bubble. Social media often overwhelms you with possible contacts, but many are not relevant. You simply do not have the time and resources outside of your work.

Foodvalley has created Foodleap, the online agri-food network, based on decades of building a high-end network and extensive experience working in innovation ecosystems worldwide. Now we can share our network digitally to support your growth.

Find and interact

Foodleap gives you the opportunity to find and interact with interesting partners. By simply entering your needs, Foodleap will present you with available contacts, for example by theme, region, technology or type of actor. The platform is not only a search engine, but also a lively place to ask questions and share ideas. It is a great opportunity to discuss previous findings or to reach out to contacts within the Foodleap network. Your most relevant partners are just a few clicks away.

In short, Foodleap allows you to:

  • Find and chat with stakeholders, including their innovation facilities, based on your needs in an easy and accessible way.
  • Be visible so that others can find you and share your offers.
  • Find interesting events and share your own.
  • Openly share your needs on the message board
  • Find news of others about new funding possibilities, trade missions or grants.


Foodleap is easy to join. All you have to do is register and you are ready to go. It takes about 2 minutes.
Over the next month, we will actively add around 400 actors to the platform. This means that not all actors are accessible at the moment.

Questions? Do not hesitate to email if you need assistance registering or have any other practical questions.  Please contact your Community Manager if you have specific questions about community information and/or contacts that you would like to be facilitated.

Aurora Roadshow: 3-day innovation mission to France

Interested to join 3-day innovation mission to Spain or France?

In 2023, establish new innovation partnerships in deep-tech and digital food solutions across Europe, and let’s continue with France! Foodvalley is part of AURORA, a multi-partner project that facilitates exchanges between European SMEs and supporting organisations.

As part of this project, two Roadshows are coming up this spring. The second one is to France:

14-16 March 2023: Roadshow France – a 3-day mission to Rennes with a focus on data, AI, digital twins & photonics in the food processing industry. Join a European delegation in Rennes for a 3-day program, and attend the CFIA 2023 fair in the heart of the top food-processing region in Europe. Participants can receive circa €450 financial assistance if they meet eligibility criteria. Applications are open until 24 February 2023.

Registration or questions about the Roadshows?

Please reach out to Thomas van der Lee 

Winners of Prize Based Challenge on Personalised Nutrition announced

Winners of Prize Based Challenge on Personal Nutrition announced

The winners of its first Prize Based Challenge on Personalised Nutrition For All are announced. The challenge, a partnership with EIT Food, Food Valley NL and Food Innovation Hub Europe, is a call to action to find innovation solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition. The Personalised Nutrition for All Challenge invited multi-stakeholder groups, startups and early-stage solutions that support these focus areas to submit proposals for review. 

The six winners, announced at the EIT Food Annual Event in Brussels, were chosen against three tracks: Route to Market, which looks at reducing obesity and malnutrition by making tools more affordable and accessible to a broader community; Behavioural Change, exploring how we can empower consumers to manage their health; and Science & Big Data, seeking to enable a more targeted approach to consumers’ health. 

The winners in each category are:

Route to Market 

  • EKTAH: Providing new nutritional solutions to reduce body weight gain. 
  • Nutrinomics & Ligue Cardio: Making personalised nutrition accessible to high-risk, underprivileged populations. 
  • L3M Technologies Ltd t/a Salus Optima: The integration of real-time metabolic, behavioural and lifestyle monitoring into a personalised nutrition service for effective weight-loss and health-gain. 

Behavioural Change 

  • Aigecko Technologies SL: An AI-based nutritional tracker for objective, continuous, friendly and easy to use food intake monitoring. 
  • Roche Diagnostics: Simple personalisation for large groups of consumers in a health care setting, with the aim of preventing people with pre-diabetes from developing diabetes.

Science & Big Data 

  • Verdify: Using technology and nutrition science to provide hyper personalised nutrition recipes to help tackle obesity.  
Each of the winners are awarded €30,000, with the possibility of further funding from EIT Food in the future. The prize money will be used to support the development of the proposed solution into a viable project plan over the course of two to six months. EIT Food will select the most promising projects among the winners and allocate enough funding to sustain the development to go to market. 

Foodvalley congratulates all winners but especially Foodvalley partner Verdify. 

Congrats to all listed in the Food100 2022!

Congrats to all listed in the Food100 2022! 

On August 31, the list Food100 has been published. Foodvalley NL is proud partner, third year in row. Once again featuring 50 up-and-coming talents under 35 and 50 established food changers over 35.

By connecting generations, the Food100 creates a list of people who together can make an even bigger impact and set an example for many. 

Foodvalley NL stimulates and guides food changers for their innovations on their challenging journey to sustainable and healthy food for ten billion people worldwide​ in 2050.

“The nomination as Food Hero is an important recognition of my work. You feel part of a network. People know how to get in contact and the title creates more awareness.” – Eva Koffeman, Food Hero 2021

And we are happy to see a great number of our partners in de Food100 list:  

We wish all the nominees a great journey towards the spotlight on November 25th when the Food Heroes will be announced. 


Food100 is powered by:

Launch of a new challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All!

Launch of a New Challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All!

Obesity and malnutrition are complex challenges, but by accelerating innovation in personalised nutrition, we can help to create a healthier and more equitable food system. EIT Food, Foodvalley NL and Food Innovation Hub Europe would like you to participate in an exciting new challenge: Personalised Nutrition for All!

Six winners will be awarded €30,000

Personalised nutrition for all is a call to action to find innovative solutions to reduce obesity and malnutrition in Europe. Six winners will be awarded €30,000 to further develop their solution, opening the possibility for further funding by EIT Food to develop their project and go to market.

Startups, and multi-stakeholder groups are invited to submit their Personalised Nutrition ideas. Winners will be announced during the EIT Food Partner event on 17th October in Brussels, in advance of World Food Day.


What are we looking for?

This challenge is about finding new solutions and tools for monitoring and improving an individual’s health. We welcome proposals that address one or more of the following tracks:

  • How can we help to reduce obesity and malnutrition by making tools more affordable and accessible to a broader community?
  • How can we empower consumers to manage their health?
  • How might we enable a more targeted approach to consumers’ health?

Judging Criteria

We are looking for exciting, multi-partner, multi-stakeholder initiatives that provide solutions on obesity reduction or malnutrition prevention by employing personalised nutrition approaches. Herewith providing the positive impact of food towards human health and a sustainable planet. The multi-partner and multi-stakeholder initiative can be in existence, or the initiative can come into existence via the ‘Prize-based Challenge Personalised Nutrition for All’.

Solutions are expected to demonstrate a maturity level consistent with a go to market within a reasonable amount of time not exceeding 2 to 3 years, thus a TRL level of 5 and up.

How to Submit

You will have to create an account before filling out the form and answering to the questions requested. You will be able to save a draft version before completing and validating your submission. Once ready to submit, you will be asked to agree with the Rules & Regulations governing the Personalised Nutrition For All! Challenge. The Rules & Regulations document can be found on the website below for your review.

Why a Personalised Nutrition for All Challenge?

Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975, while 3.5 billion people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies. One area that has seen great progress is Personalised Nutrition, which includes the sciences, technologies, tools and services that provide consumers with individualized dietary recommendations and products. These tools have empowered consumers by helping them understand more about their own bodies and educating them as to the best way forward in managing their health. However, there is still a need to make these technologies not only more accessible and affordable to a broader community but also more user-friendly and engaging. There are also growing concerns around data protection and the use of personal data that need to be addressed if we want a larger adoption of these solutions.

Are you a food changer? Sign up for Food100!

Are you a food changer? Sign up for Food100!

The Food100 is being compiled again this year! With the Food100, initiators Slow Food Youth Network, AgriFood Capital, Food Hub and Food Inspiration want to encourage and give a stage to everyone who is active within the Dutch food system.

Up-and-coming talent and established leaders

An independent jury makes a top 100 list of up-and-coming talent and established leaders who are working hard for better and more sustainable food. By giving these people a stage and making the list public, food changers have the opportunity to make an even bigger impact together.

This year the list will once again feature 50 up-and-coming talents under 35 and 50 established food changers over 35. By connecting generations, the Food100 creates a list of people who together can make an even bigger impact and set an example for many. You can apply via:

Why do you want to be on the list?

  • Access to a network of over 300 impact makers in food
  • Opportunity to become Food Hero of 2022 with an additional nomination
  • An exclusive spot at the Food Inspiration Trend Table during the annual Food100 event

The Food100 jury of 2022

For the sixth time in 2022, the initiators of the Food100 are compiling a list of inspiring food changers. An independent jury of experts from across the food chain will select the 100 most appealing examples from all the entries:

  • Isabel Boerdam, founder of Green Food Lab, De Hippe Vegetariër and De Week Zonder Vlees (Meatless Week)
  • Dr Jeroen Candel, senior lecturer in public administration, member of the Council for Animal Affairs and the supervisory board of the Transition Coalition Food
  • Christiaan Vette, independent advisor on strategy, innovation and transformation
  • Anne Reijnders, inspires new eating behaviour with De Lekkere Man and through television programmes
  • Tim van der Mark, pig farmer and board member of Nederlands Agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt
  • Tarique Arsiwalla, founder of Protix, investor in sustainable agri start-ups and strategic advisor to Vermaat Group
  • Dalila Sayd, works on a social food landscape with Het Eetschap.

Food100 is powered by:

“The nomination as Food Hero is an important recognition of my work. As a Food Hero you feel part of a network. People know how to find you better and the title creates more awareness.” – EVA KOFFEMAN, FOOD HERO 2021

First consumer survey on home-grown plant proteins published

First consumer survey on home-grown plant proteins published

To find out what the attitude and knowledge of consumers is around home-grown plant proteins, DVJ Insights conducted a consumer survey on behalf of the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands (an initiative of Foodvalley NL). The consumer survey provides, among other things, insights for the Green Deal Protein-rich Crops that stimulates the cultivation, processing, and consumption of regionally grown proteins. Read the research here.

Local foods have become more important

The results from the study, conducted among 500 Dutch consumers, are promising. For example, in the past year local foods have become more important to 4 out of 10 Dutch respondents. This is mainly due to the climate agreement and the COVID-19 crisis. But availability and media attention play a role in this as well.

Half of the consumers are therefore more motivated to buy plant-based products. The main motivation is health, while price is the main barrier to make a purchase. Supporting local farmers and sustainability and climate are of most added value to consumers.

Recommendations from the study

The research offers great opportunities for the promotion of protein-rich products from Dutch soil. Consumers currently associate local products mainly with meat and dairy. A lot of work is needed to give plant protein-rich products the positive association and value as well. For example, how to enhance biodiversity and soil fertility. The research provides concrete guidelines for this. Read more about these recommendations here.

Who are the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands?

“We bring plant proteins from the Netherlands to life. For soil, biodiversity, farmer, and citizen”, is the slogan of the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands. An initiative of Ekoboerderij De Lingehof, Proeflab Wageningen, Taskforce! Korte Keten and Foodvalley NL. Thirty Dutch protein farmers are committed to the (re)appreciation of Dutch protein farmers and their locally grown products. Because local, vegetable proteins are profitable on all fronts: health, sustainability, and a circular economy.

The Protein Farmers of the Netherlands do this by sharing knowledge about local plant protein products, by seeking cooperation between growers, processors, developers, and makers of end products. Also, by researching the market and consumers with this consumer study.

Questions? Get in touch

Jeroen Willemsen
Innovation Lead Protein Shift
+31 6 177 380 37

Listen to the podcast: Personalised nutrition will be the future (in Dutch)

Listen to the podcast: Personalised nutrition will be the future (in Dutch)

A transition of the food system is necessary to make it healthier and more sustainable. But what is needed in order to have sufficient healthy food available for everyone in 2050? Our Innovation Lead Food & Health, Judith van der Horst-Graat shares her vision in this podcast made for the Health, Food & Technology event on 1 December 2021, where she is one of the key-note speakers.

She answers questions such as:

  • Why will we not achieve this target in 2050 if we continue like this?
  • Why is it difficult to make the healthy choice the easy choice for the consumer?
  • What is personalised nutrition and what does it involve?
  • Why will personalised nutrition be the tool of the future?
  • Aren’t we becoming (too) dependent on digital advice? Or what possibilities does it offer?

Questions? Get in touch

Judith van der Horst
Food & Health
+31 6 139 473 57

Three award-winning initiatives on reduction and prevention obesity through personalized nutrition

Three award-winning initiatives on reduction and prevention obesity through personalized nutrition

On October 15, three initiatives received the new Booster award, an incentive for initiatives that support the reduction and prevention of obesity employing personalized nutrition tools. The winners – Happy Feet on Healthy Food, J.A.App (Juvenile Antiobesity App) and Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines – convinced the jury of their impact, feasibility and partnership. The Booster is developed by Foodvalley NL and powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe.


Announcement Booster Award winners

Disruptive innovation

Worldwide the number of people with overweight or obesity is alarmingly high, with over 1.9 billion, and this number is still rising, resulting in an increased risk of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. Therefore, there is a need for disruptive innovations to prevent and reduce obesity by using a personalised approach and the alliance of unlikely partnerships. All three initiatives received the Booster, worth 30,000 euros, to be used to support the initiatives in their next development steps. They will be monitored for a year and gain access to a large international food network. This way, Food Innovation Hub Europe accelerates the cooperation between relevant parties and the creation of obesity-reducing solutions.

Happy Feet on Healthy Food

This initiative aims to support people participating in walking events in their nutritional choices. The 4-day march of Nijmegen 2022 will be used as a pilot, where a group of walkers will be monitored on their food choices, in personalized nutrition markers and supported to make alternative and healthy choices. It is a multipartner initiative of Radboudumc, Four Day marches organization, Albron and the International Walking Association. This award will be used to attract a project manager who will, together with the three parties, build the fundament for years of development, implementation and evaluation of healthy, tasty and sustainable food choices at large events. In this plan, from the start we will incorporate the personalized approach as well as strategies to roll out successful approached to other events national and international.

The J.A.App (Juvenile Anti-Obesity App)

This app will allow to transfer the dietary advices that are provided to young  adolescents facing obesity, on a digital format and thereby meeting the target groups needs and supporting the change to healthier food choices. It is an initiative of the Antwerp University Hospital, University of Antwerp – Childhood Obesity Centre, FoodNed Holding bv, Jeroen Bosch Hospital – Centre of Expertise for Children with Obesity, Maastricht University and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo. With the Booster award we can finance the study to investigate the appreciation and compliancy of using this HAPP app, but also aspects of nutritional behaviour and taste development in an age group that should take the necessary steps towards a healthy lifestyle before the transition to adulthood. The app will become available as a tool in desirable healthy eating behaviour for all persons in Netherlands, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

Ready to (h)eat meals tailored to gut, genes and guidelines

An initiative that will create a one-stop shop to order your personalized meals in line with your personal nutrition recommendations based on your microbiome, DNA and personal preferences and needs. In addition, it will engage people in an entertaining and educational experience. It is a multipartner initiative of Verdify, Eatch, Omnigen, MyMicroZoo and University of Antwerp. The Booster will enable the partners to set up a free of cost trial for 12 individuals who are eager to address their health issues but have yet to encounter the method that works well for them. Visibility to relevant stakeholders is highly relevant as well. As such the Booster strongly leverages the impact of the activities and increases chances that critical personal- and societal issues such as obesity can be effectively addressed.



Van link naar rechts:

Edgar van Mil – Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis

Maria Hopman – Radboud UMC

Jochem Bossenbroek – Verdify

(Jeroen Wouters – Foodvalley NL)

Powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe

We can only change a food system together. Local, regional, national and global parties have to join and work transparently and energetically to accelerate the transition to an efficient, inclusive, sustainable, nutritious and healthy food system. To promote this collaboration, the World Economic Forum initiated together with public, private and civil society sector partners Food Innovation Hubs worldwide. Foodvalley NL is a leading partner towards the development of the Food Innovation Hub Europe to initiate collaboration and co-create innovation projects to address continent-specific challenges and connects regional hubs in the various member countries to address common and region-specific issues. This Booster is powered by Food Innovation Hub Europe.

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