The LCA Centre

Life Cycle Analysis studies of the environmental impact of packaging and disposable items.

LCA for packaging and disposables

LCA stands for Life Cycle Assessment and is sometimes also called Life Cycle Analysis. It is a scientific method for measuring the environmental impact of a product in every phase of its life. The LCA Centre specialises in LCA studies of the environmental impact of packaging and disposable items. In its own research laboratory special instrumentation and calculation models are used to study the entire life-cycle of a pack. This cycle starts with the extraction of the raw materials and continues through manufacturing, distribution and use to the end of life.

Nineteen impact factors

Every stage of a packaging life-cycle has consequences for the environment. The LCA Centre presents the outcome of our studies based on 19 different environmental impact indicators, such as energy usage, water usage, acidification, phosphate eutrophication, smog, ionising radiation and numerous emissions that end up in the environment. The study also includes the influence on climate change, human toxicity and degradation of the ozone layer. The outcome of the study, and the environmental impact indicators, is interpreted by packaging technologists and LCA operatives to provide you with a clear understanding of the environmental impact of your packaging choices.

When do you need an LCA?

As a packaging and disposables developer, manufacturer, user or supplier, sooner or later you will be asked questions about the effect that your products have on the environment. Questions of this type will become increasingly common, especially given developments in the ISO 14001 standard and the EU public procurement requirements. Both your clients and yourself will be increasingly driven to make credible, sustainable choices.

What can you do with an LCA?

The LCA Centre’s LCA method provides you with clear and reliable insight into the environmental burden of your products. They are packaging technologists with extensive multi-material packaging manufacturing experience. And know how important functionality, safety, user-friendliness, look and affordability are for your packaging and take this into account in our study. This gives you more knowledge and insight and enables you to make practical, credible and responsible choices.

The LCA Centre

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