In need of investment and funding for your innovation?

Is the research equipment, development, demonstration, upscaling and production faciltities you need not yet available, still in development, or just a concept? Then there could be opportunities for investment with support of Shared facility finder.


  • The new research equipment or facilities are shared via open access.
  • It supports the ambitions detailed in our Fields of innovation (Circular Agrifood; Food & Health and Protein Shift).
  • It is innovative and unique.
  • It must benefit multiple organisations in the Foodvalley ecosystem and automatically becomes available to all organisations via the pay-per-use principle.
  • Investments in research equipment need to support the connection and /or collaboration with Wageningen University & Research.

Contact us to discuss opportunities for investment in facilities. Through our network we can match partners and offer insights in funding possibilities.


Shared investment puts this new confocal laser scanning microscope within your reach

Shared facility finder expects a very modern confocal laser scanning microscope. That's good news! This device adds yet more value to the widely deployable collection of devices and other facilities already at your disposal. The fast and sensitive 3-D imaging device helps to detect (weak) signals in a variable spectral background. So that you can use it to study your biological, biophysical and food science related research questions. The device will be placed in the Wageningen Light Microscopy Centre at Wageningen Campus and will be available to you via Shared facility finder in the beginning of 2022.

Are you interested in sharing the confocal laser scanning microscope? You can now take part in this shared investment, benefitting from sharing this device with other experts and using it for your own business at an exclusive rate for committed partners. If you would like to know more about this interesting opportunity, please contact

Why Shared facility finder?

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Other types of facilities to be shared

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