Remeker innovative cheese-ripening facility

Natural warehouse and testing facility offering the perfect environment to experiment with cheese-ripening processes.


This ripening warehouse was jointly funded by the Province of Gelderland and commercial companies such as Oost NV and RCT ‘De Vallei’ that together supported De Groote Voort in developing this test facility. A local consortium of companies including De Groote Voort, PS Koeltechniek and Bouwbedrijf NAP worked together to ensure the successful completion of the construction.


Wageningen University, with its focus on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’, has been carrying out scientific research into the taste of cheese by measuring the aromatic substances in both the cheese and the washed rind. Along with all other information gathered in this unique testing facility, the results of the University studies are freely available.


Artisan producers and affineurs (specialists in ageing cheese) are welcome to visit the testing facility to learn about new developments, so as to support the production of better cheese under sustainable conditions.

Remeker innovative cheese-ripening facility

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