Digital Phenotyping

PhenoFab® greenhouse service operation combining high-throughput, non-invasive technology with trait interpretation to exploit phenotypic variation.

Are you up-scaling the production of a new product or do you need to make investment decisions about building a new production facility? We will help you to minimize investment risks and speed up time to market.

The launch of a new production line is a decision not to be taken lightly, as it involves substantial investments in time, money and people. A new product or ingredient is usually developed at lab scale. Translating lab scale development to industrial processing scale requires a lot of effort to ensure the final product and process will meet all requirements in quality, rate and yield.

In a joint effort with your experts NIZO will help you limit your investment risks by demonstrating the technology at small industrial scale in its food grade Processing Centre. Combining the results of the pilot plant trials with its process simulation modelling platform Premia NIZO will provide a blueprint of the future production line and food grade product to present to your customers. With their vast understanding of product–process interactions they will efficiently scale up the production of your new ingredients, maximize your process efficiency and shorten your time to market.

At the Processing Centre you will find a food grade, highly flexible, industrial production facility and labs featuring the latest technologies at your disposal. NIZO's top experts in product–process interactions, together with state-of-the art equipment, will enable you to fast-track your process and product development activities. Highly skilled operators and more than a hundred scientists are at your service to scale up your process and run test productions without disturbing your regular process. Volumes range from kilos up to over 10 tonnes per week. You are invited to attend and participate in all trials or productions for your company.

Digital Phenotyping

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