Circular Agrifood Webinar in Talkshow Setting: Upcycling to the Consumer

Upcycling of sidestreams of agricultural and food manufacturing products towards food, is one of the most impactful technological and supply chain solutions to safeguard sufficient and responsibly produced food for a growing world population. There are already many technological innovations in place and in development to valorize sidestreams towards upcycled food ingredients and products, however one of the main challenges is to create new circular value chains and to bring these upcycled products to the consumer.

You can attend this webinar either at the location Midden Nederland Hallen in Barneveld or online. Register using the registration buttons on this page.

During the webinar we will zoom in on questions that resonate in business, science and society about the future market for upcycled food:

  • What are consumer perceptions and expectations on upcycled food?
  • What are interesting geographical differences in the market for upcycled food?
  • Can a private standard for upcycled food help bring those products to the European market? And if so how?
  • What’s are other international experiences with this?
  • How can circular food ingredients and products become part of the responsible procurement policies of B-t-C companies?

Together with experts of The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) of the USA, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Innova Market Insights and several partners of the Upcycling Community we will zoom in on those questions and explore the potential impact of circular food concepts by creating an optimal  outreach to the market and the consumer.


For questions or more information, please contact Caroline Duivenvoorden

Programme Webinar in Talkshow Setting
(Central European Time)


13.00 – 14.15 


Registration participants & Circular networking lunch

14.30 14.40 


Opening Foodvalley NL  

14.40 – 15.10 


Rebecca Hesketh, Programma Manager - Ellen MacArthur Foundation -
"Circular Design For Food".

15.10 – 15.30 


Table discussion with Ellen MacArthur and Upcycling partners
1. Unilever - René Lion, Senior Consumer Scientist
2. Herbafood Ingredients - David Gebhardt-Mencke, Head of Innovation and Business Development

15.30 – 15.50 


Tim Roelands, Consumer Insights Analyst and Tara Roberts, Market Analyst - Innova Market Insights -
"Upcycling Market and Consumer Trends".

15.50 16.10 


Table discussion with speaker Innova Market Insights and Upcycling partners with market experience :
1. No Palm Ingredients – Jeroen Hugenholtz, Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer
2. Innoboost – Linda van Oostveen, Business Experiment Coordinator



Networking Break

16.30 – 17.00 


Angie Crone, Interim CEO - Upcycled Food Association -
"Current trends and insights on the market and consumer preferences for upcycled food".

17.00 - 17.30


Table discussion with speaker UFA and Upcycling partners with market experience or challenges/questions to raise:
1. IFF – Eve Martinet-Bareau , Global Innovation Program Director
2. Greencovery - Carlos Cabrera, Managing Director
3. Bakkersgrondstof BV– Sebastiaan Hetterschijt, Circular Value Chain Manager

17.30 - 18.00



Speakers Ellen MacArthur, Innova Market Insights and UFA in panel with interview by Foodvalley NL






Rebecca Hesketh is the Programme Manager for the Food Initiative at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, working with key actors to stimulate a global shift towards a regenerative food system based on the principles of a circular economy. Prior to joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Rebecca worked much of her career in the agricultural sector and within food supply chains, including at the UK retailer Waitrose, where she held the position of Ethics and Sustainability Manager for Fresh Produce.

Innova will be represented by Tim Roelands, Consumer Insights Analyst, and Tara Roberts from the Market Analyst Team. Both have extensive experience working on upcycling topics throughout their professional careers. They are alumni of Wageningen University and are uniquely positioned to leverage Innova's data sources to inform sustainable innovation within the food and beverage industry.

Tim Roelands is one of the experts within Innova who uses consumer studies to gain key insights into how public behavior can shape food innovation. Upcycling has been part of his portfolio of research topics for two years, continuously monitoring how upcycling is transforming the landscape of sustainable products. Tara Roberts is a market analyst working at Innova. She leverages Innova's global product database to generate insights that benefit companies in their business decisions. As a part of her research, she has analyzed the topic of upcycling extensively.

Angie Crone is a thought leader in the ethical and responsible sourcing industry. Working as a change agent with top global brands to implement environmental and social impact programs, she is spearheading a movement that offers tangible solutions to address food loss and waste challenges in supply chains.

She is currently the CEO of the Upcycled Food Association where she champions upcycling - the process of converting food by-products that would otherwise not get to human consumption into a new ingredient or edible food product through value-added processing - as one of the most critical solutions to breaking the resource waste cycle and mitigating the climate crisis. Angie brings 10+ years of nonprofit program design and brand development experience. She has worked with mission-driven companies like Prather Ranch, Numi Organic Tea, and Imperfect Foods. Previously, she led the CPG team at Fair Trade USA where she led the first fair trade certification in the US dairy industry. Angie holds a BS in Environmental Science from Shepherd University, a Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management from American Military University, and an MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

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