The Nature of the Protein Transition

We envision a future in which protein production is sustainable, affordable, and healthy. Purposeful combinations of plants, animals, and microorganisms from land and sea will be tailored to local conditions, even where resources are scarce. Global consumption patterns will shift to a more diverse and equitably-shared portfolio of sources. This future can only be reached if breakthrough innovations, societal shifts, and supportive regulatory changes align.

Status and nature of the protein transition

On 22 April 2021, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Foodvalley NL jointly organize “The Nature of the Protein Transition”! During this online event you will be updated on the status and nature of the protein transition. This, based on the most recent research happenings in WUR's protein transition theme and insights from Foodvalley NL. Besides, we would like to enter into a dialogue with you about what's next! The event will be moderated by Stacy Pyett, program manager Proteins for Life at WUR and Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead Protein Shift at Foodvalley NL. Language during the event will be English.



9:30 Welcome & Introductions (Jeroen Willemsen & Stacy Pyett)

9:35 The Urgency of the Protein Transition (Jeroen Willemsen)

9:40 Introducing the Investment Theme Protein Transition (Stacy Pyett)


Get Informed: Research Highlights

9:45 Keynote lecture: Navigating the Alternative Protein Ecosystem (Barbara van Mierlo & Britney Bulah)
10:15 Mapping Global Protein Production and Consumption (Bas Hetterscheid)

10:25 Grab a coffee

10:35 Foodvalley Shared Facility Finder (Jeroen Willemsen)

10:45 More & Better Proteins (Stacy Pyett & Jeroen Hugenholtz)

11:05 Protein Nutritional & Functional Quality (Diederik Esser & Laurice Pouvreau)


Get Inspired

11:25 Mieso Et Emergo (Arne Hendriks & Cor van der Weele)


Get Involved

11:55 Closing Remarks (Jeroen & Stacy)

12:00 Breakout sessions

  • Room 1: Q&A with presenters “The Nature of the Protein Transition”
  • Room 2: Q&A with presenters “More and Better Proteins”
  • Room 3: Q&A with presenters “Protein Nutritional & Functional Quality”
  • Room 4: Q&Q with presenters “Mieso Et Emergo”
  • Room 5: Foodvalley & The Protein Cluster: how to get engaged?
  • Room 6: What’s next in food safety for the protein transition?
  • Room 7: What’s next in protein functionality?
  • Room 8: What’s next in understanding consumer choices?
  • Room 9: Free chat
  • (Optional additional free chat rooms)

12:45 End

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