Personalised Nutrition Community event: Personalised Nutrition from a global perspective

Personalised Nutrition partners or on invitation only

As a practice leader in the field of Personalised Nutrition & Health, Foodvalley knows what our partners need to be successful in the food transition. That is to collectively tackle roadblocks that we cannot solve individually. The Foodvalley Personalised Nutrition Community has defined that as the collective mission. On this journey we are building a connected, expert and supportive ecosystem for personalised nutrition. An ecosystem on which we can grow together towards a sustainable and viable businessmodel.

Did you know that personalised nutrition is now a global phenomenon? It thrives on local solutions that respond to regional demand. In this online event, Foodvalley gives the floor to five Personalised Nutrition Community partners and experts from different parts of the world to highlight the opportunities and challenges. Sharing these local examples is one of the key success factors for the further development of Personalised Nutrition.

We are hosting this online event on February 6, 2023 exclusively for Personalised Nutrition Community partners. All PN partners have received an email invitation with a registration link. Are you interested in joining but not a partner of the PN community? Please contact Judith van der Horst


Judith van der Horst, Foodvalley NL

Personalised nutrition around the globe
Mariette Abrahams, Qina
USA: Cassie Dickerson, Pepsico
South Africa: Terry Harris, Discovery Insurance
Colombia: Mary Luz Olivares Tenorio, Cenipalma
Europe: Nard Clabbers, Happ/Foodvalley NL

Panel discussion
The audience and the speakers, led by Mariette Abrahams (Qina) and Anouk van den Boomen (Foodvalley NL)


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