Personalised Nutrition Community kick off meeting

The personalised nutrition position paper is the start of gathering key players in the personalised nutrition ecosystem.

On December 9th, 14:00-17:00hr CET, Foodvalley NL organises the first community meeting for relevant partners to start building a foundation of what is needed for joint innovation.

  • How can we boost the uptake of personalised nutrition?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • And how can we use it to create healthier lifestyles and turn personalised nutrition into business?

If your company has serious ambitions in this field and you are looking for e.g. partnerships, scaling, knowledge and facilities, then we invite you to join us online on December 9th.

For questions, please contact us via


14.00 Welcome & Introductions - Judith van der Horst | Innovation Lead Food & Health Foodvalley NL
14.15 Worksession I
14.30 Food for thought: What can we learn from pharma? - Gert Folkerts | Professor Pharmacology, Utrecht University
14.50 Foodvalley Innovation Support - Jonathan Teoh | Lead Entrepeneurship
 - Petra Roubos | Lead Shared Facilities
 - Jeroen Wouters | Lead Global Connections
 - Huiberdien Sweeris | Lead Talent
15.30  Coffee break
15.35 Booster winner pitches
16.00 Worksession II
16.30 Personalised nutrition community partner - Guido Laman | Strategy
16.45 Closure
17.00 End


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