New Food Conference – Berlin

Re-thinking the food industry

Disruptive protein technology and the market for sustainable food solutions are both growing at a mind-blowing pace. The New Food Conference is a unique, industry-oriented event that aims to accelerate and empower these innovative food technologies by bringing together key stakeholders. It is Europe’s first and biggest conference on new-protein solutions.

The first edition was a great success, and our industry partners have encouraged us to expand the event as they deem it highly valuable for their sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from hosting an event in 2020 – and provided further proof why now, more than ever, we need to rethink our food system and pave the path for safe and sustainable alternatives. Thus, in response, the next edition of the conference will not only take place in a larger venue, the conference format will see a huge expansion to provide more room for the urgently needed conversations on food system change:

In 2021, there will be two editions of the New Food Conference. In April, we will host a hybrid event focussing predominantly on developments in the plant-based market. We invite food industry stakeholders to join us either in Berlin or in the digital realm on an interactive conference platform, well interconnected to ensure great networking possibilities across formats and the best of both worlds.

In October, the New Food Conference Cologne will debut. Co-located with Anuga, the largest trade fair in the world, the event is placed right at the heart of pathbreaking conversations amongst leading food industry decision makers. This edition will shine a light on developments and outlooks in the field of cellular agriculture and fermentation.

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