Jubilee Annual Conference Physician & Lifestyle

10 years of Lifestyle, naturally!

In 2011, the Stichting Voeding Leeft organised the first lifestyle congress. This congress was the kick-off for attention to lifestyle medicine. And now we see that lifestyle has been taken up by healthcare professionals, science, politics and society: '10 years of Lifestyle, naturally'. During the anniversary conference we look back, but especially forward.

Lifestyle is no longer just a subject in the consulting room, it affects the whole of society. In 'The Week of Physician and Lifestyle' we share the latest scientific and practical insights on lifestyle. How does lifestyle influence the quality of life and how does lifestyle medicine reduce healthcare costs? What possibilities are there for prevention and what opportunities does lifestyle medicine offer for the future?

Renowned national and international speakers will address healthcare-related topics and highlight socially-oriented lifestyle themes. And the central question to every speaker will always be: Where will we be in 10 years' time?

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