Kick-off workshop; Insects on the plate of the consumer in Northwest Europe

Insects are an important mean to upcycle sidestreams of agrifood industry and even food waste towards a valuable source for food. As Foodvalley NL we want to contribute to the transition towards for circular agrifood systems, and amongst others realize this by stimulating a professional and scaled market for insect based food concepts (burgers, shakes, protein bars. Etc). We spoke to various partners in the supply chain, and we do see a great potential for an initiative with various parties in the supply chain who bundle efforts and ambitions. With this initiative, we work towards new collaborations that result in bringing new product and market concepts from edible insects successfully to the plate of the consumer in the Northwest Europe market.

The 24 November, we will have a kick-off for this initiative, and we invite interested parties who are working on the market for edible insects and especially various interested in the foodservice and retail sector. The aim of the workshop is to gather parties who believe in the power of collaboration for getting insects onto the plate of NW European consumers. During the workshop, we will mainly work towards insights into what is needed to get new value chains off the ground that contribute to the sale and/or further product development of insect products. We also want to zoom in on the obstacles that B2C companies now face to include insects in their assortment, and the opportunities they see for possibly giving space to this in their assortments and/or product development. After the workshop Foodvalley NL will follow-up with those parties who have the ambition to take an active role in this initiative.

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