Foodvalley Food & Health event

Join us for the Food & Health Event on Wednesday afternoon 30 June. An online Foodvalley Members only* event where we discuss the many opportunities that the Food & Health innovation field has to offer you. Be inspired by keynote lectures, debates, and inspiration talks on topics like:

  • Personalised Nutrition
  • Food & Health Care
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Innovative Services

Learn what Foodvalley’s services like Shared Facilities and Innovation Insights can bring your company as well as the Food Innovation Hub Europe, led by Foodvalley and partners and supported by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Let your voice be heard in chats and polls and get connected in the online cafes.


The event is a unique melting pot of diverse individuals who drive food & health from a variety of perspectives. We are pleased to announce the program with an interesting line up of top-notch speakers.

14.00-14.20 Welcome

14.20-14.50 Personalised Nutrition | Discover the latest trends and innovations in Personalised Nutrition and the urge for a Global Position Paper

  • Rick Miller, Associate Director, Specialised Nutrition at Mintel, "Insights from Mintel on Personalised Nutrition"
  • Nard Clabbers, Chief Science Officer at Happ, "The urge for and objective of a Personalised Nutrition Paper"
  • Adam Monroe, Chief Executive Officer at Panaceutics Nutrition Inc., "Personalised Nutrition from a US perspective"

14.50-15.10 International | Hear about Food & Health initiatives from around the globe and learn what the Food Innovation Hub Europe has to offer you

  • Jeroen Wouters, Foodvalley NL Global Connections, "Foodvalley as leading European Hub in network of Food Innovation Hubs supported by WEF and the opportunities this brings for Food & Health"
  • Foodvalley, Global cluster mapping

15.10-15.40 Food & Health Care | A table discussion about the possibilities of connecting food and health care and how to create a business model for prevention

15.40-16.00  Fruit & Vegetable | Be inspired by last year's Food & Health Champion and learn about the Food Boost Challenge

  • Berend Eberson, Founder Grünten, Foodvalley Champion 2020-2021, "How is Berend Eberson doing now, what has the champion title brought Grünten and what can we expect from Grünten the coming period?"
  • Kai Pruiksma, Foodvalley NL Relations Liaison, "the Food Boost Challenge - to increase consumption of fruit & vegetables among adolescents"

16.00-16.20 Innovative Services | Discover what the innovative services of Foodvalley have to offer you

  • Miranda van Dijck, Foodvalley NL Innovation Analyst, "Innovation Insights on Food & Health"
  • Rosan van der Glas, Foodvalley NL Shared Facilities, "How Shared Facilities help connecting Food & Health"

16.20-16.30 Closing and Introduction to Networking

16.30-17.00  Networking | thematic online cafés on topics:

  • International opportunities
  • Innovation Insights
  • Personalised nutrition
  • Food Boost Challenge
  • Shared Facilities
  • Food & Health Care
  • Open online café

More additions to the speakers line up will be published soon.


* This session is for Foodvalley members only. Members will receive a separate e-mail to register. The membership of Foodvalley entitles you to a wide scope of benefits; free access to this Foodvalley Food & Health event is just one of them. Interested to become a Foodvalley Member? Make a membership request.

“Jan Klerken sr, CEO of Scelta Mushrooms says: “My advice?


Join Foodvalley's Food & Health event on June 30. Because the one in January resulted in new business for me. During the break-out sessions of that event I encountered with new Foodvalley members with whom I decided to start working together. I see Foodvalley as a worldwide connector. They connect everybody everywhere".

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