Karvan Cevitam Drinks: 0% added sugar

With the rapidly rising global incidence of obesity and other welfare diseases, reducing the calories and sugar in food products has become a vital weapon in the battle for good health. That’s why The Kraft Heinz Company is extending its Karvan Cevitam Drinks portfolio by adding a range of 0% added-sugar syrups.

The syrups, now on sale in the Netherlands, are made from 75% fruit juice sweetened with steviol glycosides – a compound naturally occurring in the leaves of the stevia plant, and with sucralose delivering a great taste experiences without added sugar. The syrups come packed in 750 ml bottles, in five different varieties: strawberry, forest fruits, cassis, raspberry and orange, and should be diluted with water.

The syrups are created using insights generated by the Kraft Heinz Sugar & Salt Reduction Technology Platform. This initiative was launched fifteen years ago, in anticipation of consumer trends and business strategy, with the aim to develop methods for stepwise sugar and salt reduction that can be applied, industrially, across many product categories. The end goal is to market products with no added sugar and salt, without compromising on product quality and consumer experience.

Research and development took place in several consortia: the Dutch research organization TNO, NIZO, Wageningen University & Research and the Flavour House. The company’s conscious decision to work with external partners is based upon having no barriers to using the best expertise available and to avoid the limitations of tunnel vision.

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