Immuno-LP20™ is the world’s first natural immunobiotic – probiotic technology developed to support a healthy immune system.

Immuno-LP20®™ is a heat-treated strain of Lactobacillus plantarum(L-137). It has a 5-year stability and is a non-spore forming ingredient, so it can easily be used in supplement and powder applications with a dose as low as 50 mg/day. Immuno-LP20 is light brown powder free of unfavorable organoleptic properties.

It is already being used in health foods, including supplements, powdered drinks etc. for immune enhancement. The HK L-137 in the product induces IL-12 and IFN- β production of immune cells. Furthermore, it shows improvement of Th1/Th2 balance and activation of effector cells such as Natural Killer (NK) cells and Cytotoxic T Cells (CTLs).


Kohjin’s Ajirex NH

The use of high nucleotide yeast extracts, even in low dosages, often results in unwanted taste effects in sweet, dairy and beverage applications. The nucleotides in these extracts are responsible for this umami taste effect.
Kohjin’s Ajirex NH is a unique yeast extract, neutral in taste and enhancing anthocyanin color, creaminess and mouthfeel, without umami taste. Ajirex NH contains no nucleotides and is also extremely low in free amino acids, including glutamic acid. Therefore, Ajirex NH is truly applicable in sweet, dairy and beverage applications because a bouillon and umami taste is completely absent.
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