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    The Foodvalley Members have access to the best resources across a wide scope of industries and disciplines, to potential investors and partnerships via the global network and worldwide exposure. By being a Foodvalley Member, companies accelerate innovation and business development.

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    Basic benefitsn

    The membership of Foodvalley entitles you to a wide scope of benefits, including:

    • Need inventory and intake
      Each membership starts with setting the goals and needs together.
    • Company profile page on the website
      Logo, relevant publications, your events and link to your company and contact person included.
    • Innovation & company on
      Logo, relevant publications and propositions and link to your company included.
    • Use of the Foodvalley Members brand
      As a member you have the right to use the member logo on your website and in your marketing and communications resources.
    • Foodvalley Update
      Your company will receive twice per year the thematic Foodvalley Update magazine in printed edition. You and your colleagues will receive every 3 weeks the Foodvalley Update international newsletter. When applicable, an article of your company will be published in the Foodvalley Update.

    Access to events

    • Foodvalley Members meetings
      Company visit, meeting and onsite tour. Four to six times per year. Each meeting will be hosted by one of the Members.
    • Foodvalley Breakfast meetings
      Today’s challenges and current solutions. One theme per meeting. Five to six times per year. Venue Foodvalley Cafe Wageningen, The Netherlands.
    • Foodvalley Executive meetings
      Shaping the Future of Food. One theme per meeting. Two to three meetings per year. By invitation.
    • Foodvalley Summit
      Discount voucher to the international summit, exhibiton and networking event in October, in The Netherlands.
    • Foodvalley Innovation & Business Delegations
      Opportunity to meet potential investors and business partners via the Foodvalley delegation visiting programs | By invitation


    • Innovation scan
      On request a member will receive a document of relevant companies, organisations and projects that you may not be aware of and can be useful during the development of your innovation or bringing your new product solutions to market.
    • Exhibitor Trade Shows
      Several times per year the Foodvalley stand and Tasting House will be present on an international B2B trade show. As a member you can participate as co-exhibitor with a discount voucher.
    • Innovation and Business Projects
      As a member you can participate in one or more national, European or global projects. One to multi-year project periods. By invitation. An example is the project New Frontiers in Food enabling companies to explore the global agfood network to create new business.

    Thematic platform

    Additional to your account, Foodvalley NL builds thematic platforms. Add more value to your account (for agrifood companies only) by joining one of the thematic platforms, for example:

    • The Protein Cluster (TPC) is a platform for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers and other companies active in the field of plant protein transition.
    • Thematic Acceleration Sessions
      Supply chain and business sessions, at least three times per year. E.g. on retail, new ingredients, investing and European markets. International Protein Network Access to a large international protein business and knowledge suppliers network.
    • Guidance & Business Support
      On request a member will receive advice in development, upscaling or marketing to expand business and meet consumer demands towards a more plant-based diet.
    • Exposure Protein Solutions
      International exposure of your business and proposition via various media channels, for example via the website


    Membership fees

    The Foodvalley Membership is available for agrifood companies and knowledge suppliers. The yearly membership fee depends on the size and the core business of your company:

    Categories Agrifood Company Knowledge Supplier Foodvalley Member + Thematic platform
    Startup/young company (< 3 years) 175 300 250
    Up to 10 employees 750 750 900
    11 up to 49 employees 1250 1500 1500
    50 up to 249 employees 1750 2000 2250
    More than 250 3000 3000 5000
    International start-up 500 600
    International with NL subsidiary 1500 1500 2500
    International 3000 3000 5000
    Amounts in € excl. VAT

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