Dutch food industry

Knowledge is the key ‘ingredient’ of food production in the Netherlands; in the food industry as well as the agricultural sector. This results in an efficient food production with high yields for the farmer, and hygienic, high quality and cost efficient processed food products. The high level of knowledge is thanks to the many research institutes, universities of applied science and public and private knowledge institutes.

The Dutch food and agrifood industry is renowned worldwide. The Netherlands are the second largest exporter of agrifood products in the world with an export value of 90.3 billion euros. More than 20 percent (22.8 billion euros) of the products are exported to Germany. The second largest export market is Belgium (10.2 billion euros), followed by France and Italy. The export of dairy and egg products is worth 4.7 billion euro’s, the meat export totals 4.1 billion euros, followed by vegetables with a value of 3.8 billion euros.


The Dutch food & beverage industry consists of more than 6,000 companies with in 2018 a total production value of 69 billion euros. The food industry offers employment to 140.000 people. The agricultural industry consists of 54,000 companies. In this industry work 176,000 people.

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