Our team

Developing and strengthening an international ecosystem of organizations that work together to realize the transition to a sustainable global food system. Only together, we can shape the future of food. That is Foodvalley NL’s mission.


Marjolein Brasz: "Foodvalley is working with national and international partners on a global ambition: by 2050 there must be tasty, healthy, affordable and sustainable food for ten billion people. To get there, we have to work together. The Foodvalley NL team is growing fast. Curious about who our experts are? Read all about them!"

Innovation Fields

The following Innovation fields are the focus of Foodvalley NL:
Anouk van den Boomen

Innovation Support

Next to our Innovation fields, we participate in a range of activities that scale up the innovation of the foodsystem more quickly.
Portret Emmanuel Anom



Project management



Portret Petra de Ruiter


Elvira Hughan
Confidental Infomation