Our board

Chairman Edith Schippers: "The Foodvalley board puts the Foodvalley ecosystem on the international map to increase the impact and influence of innovative food companies."


"It is up to us, as the Board, to put Foodvalley on the international map and provide what it needs to grow further. Because the Netherlands is too small for what we can do together."


"One of the challenges in Foodvalley is to continuously stimulate and strengthen the connection and interaction between knowledge and application. We are committed to the idea of Finding Answers Together, and to realizing the full potential of Foodvalley2030."


“Together with Foodvalley NL we connect research with business. And it is precisely this knowledge that is necessary if we are to have a future-proof food supply and future-proof farming.''


''My ambition as a board member of Foodvalley NL is to establish a solid foundation for the creation of new opportunities for innovations in the agrifood sector."


"As a board member, I am happy to facilitate the translation to how Foodvalley NL can contribute to international ambitions for sustainable and healthy food and strengthen expertise in agrifood worldwide."

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