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Members of Foodvalley challenge, support and connect with each other. Together, we set the agenda and initiate and develop programs to scale up innovations more quickly and help companies to develop and grow more swiftly. The new activities that we foster generate international interest and create a flywheel of scientific development and economic growth that brings benefits for all.

Help us to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system and, at the same time, help your company to accelerate innovation and business development. Foodvalley Members have access to the best facilities, resources across a wide scope of industries and disciplines and to potential investors and partnerships worldwide. Join us and benefit from all the advantages of a Foodvalley membership.

"We need to work together to realize breakthrough solutions that lead to structural system change – for our own future and that of generations to come." Marjolein Brasz, Managing Director Foodvalley NL

Your benefits

The Foodvalley membership entitles you to a wide scope of benefits, including:

Find partners Meet potential partners for your venture or project. Foodvalley’s vast global network will help you find the right connections, resources and facilities to let your innovations thrive. Take a look at our member network. Or get in touch with our Global connections Program.
Take part in innovations and business projects Participate in cutting-edge innovation projects on a global or local scale. Find a selection.
Join relevant Innovation fields Join one or more of our Innovation fields and participate in business sessions or find support on how to develop, upscale or market your company:
- Protein Shift
- Circular Agrifood
- Food & Health
Participate, learn and connect Get the latest valuable insights and make connections during Foodvalley Member meetings or Foodvalley Innovation Insights sessions. Take a look at the event calendar and join in!
Receive thematic innovation scans Get thematic innovation scans and gain insight into new products, technologies, projects, companies and developments in our fields of innovation.
Maximize productivity Maximize your productivity by finding and sharing facilities with partners, such as research equipment and technologies. And connect with partners and co-investors and explore available funding.
Online exposure Become visible to a large audience of agrifood experts on our website. Members get a company profile on our member network. Usage of the Foodvalley Member logo on your website and in your marketing and communications.
Get inspired In the ecosystem we challenge, support and connect with each other. Together, we develop programs to scale up innovations more quickly and help your company to develop and grow more swiftly. On our Inspiration page we have brought together some inspirational stories about Foodvalley and its members. Just to show you what we can achieve if we choose to work together.


Membership fees 2021

Join us and become part of the Foodvalley ecosystem. All organizations, from start-up to multinational, are welcome to become a member. Are you ready to get involved in the innovation of the Foodvalley ecosystem and forge new partnerships?

Agrifood companies and knowledge suppliers can benefit from joining the Foodvalley membership. On top of the membership they can also participate in The Protein Cluster. Please find an overview of the relevant membership fees below.

Categories/Number of employees Foodvalley membership Foodvalley membership Foodvalley membership & The Protein Cluster Foodvalley membership & The Protein Cluster
Agrifood Knowledge Agrifood Knowledge
Company Supplier Company Supplier
Startup/young (< 3yrs) € 175 € 300 € 250 € 400
Up to 10 employees € 750 € 750 € 900 € 950
11 up to 49 employees € 1.250 € 1.500 € 1.500 € 1.850
50 up to 249 employees € 1.750 € 2.000 € 2.250 € 2.700
Over 250 employees € 3.000 € 3.000 € 5.000 € 5.500
International start-up € 500 € 500 € 600 € 650
International with NL subsidiary € 1.500 € 1.500 € 2.500 € 2.750
International € 3.000 € 3.000 € 5.000 € 5.500
All fees are ex. VAT


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