Join the future of food

In 2050 our food system needs to offer food security to ten billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food, produced with respect for animals and our planet. It is a major challenge but one that is achievable if we join forces and shape the future of food together.

Foodvalley ecosystem

Foodvalley NL is the independent platform for innovation and transition of the global food system. Since 2004 Foodvalley NL has been developing and strengthening an international ecosystem of organizations that work together to realize this transition: the Foodvalley ecosystem. We work closely with corporates, SMEs and governments at every level, and with renowned educational and research institutions.

Benefits for all

Members and partners in the Foodvalley ecosystem challenge, support and connect with each other. Together, we set the agenda and initiate and develop programs to scale up innovations more quickly and help your organisation to develop and grow more swiftly. The new activities that we foster generate international interest and create a flywheel of scientific development and economic growth that brings benefits for all. Partners and members of the Foodvalley ecosystem have access to:

  • the best facilities
  • resources across a wide scope of industries and disciplines
  • potential investors and partnerships worldwide

Innovation fields

Economically driven, based on the needs of the business community, the following innovation fields and their ambitions, will be central in the coming years:

Your innovation support

Next to our Innovation fields, your organisation can also participate in one or more activities that scale up your innovation more quickly. Take a look at our interesting and unique Innovation support activities:

Our international members

We don't do this alone. Meet our international and diverse network of organisations and companies:

More and more international companies and organizations are active members of Foodvalley. Are you a front-runner in agrifood innovation and do you want to play a key role in the global food transition? All organizations, from start-up to multinational, are welcome to become members. Are you ready to be an innovator within the Foodvalley ecosystem, forging new partnerships? Join us!

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