Breaking Barriers to Accelerate the Transition

In 2050 the food system needs to offer food security to ten billion people worldwide. Tasty, affordable, healthy and sustainable food, produced with respect for animals and our planet. It is a major challenge but one that is achievable if we join forces to shape the future of food together.

Breakthrough innovations are essential for the food system transition. But the current system often fails to offer the right conditions and incentives necessary to cultivate and scale necessary innovations. Therefore the challenges facing the food system are too complex to be tackled alone. Foodvalley NL helps partners in and beyond the food chain to break the barriers and accelerate the transition together.

Discover What We Are Working on

Our experts in ecosystem innovation identify promising opportunities at an early stage and attract, engage and mobilise front runners, including unusual suspects. Together we co-create ideas to drive a more resource-efficient, healthy and sustainable food system. This is what we focus on:

What We Offer

Our partners have access to the best facilities, resources across a wide scope of industries and disciplines and to potential investors and partnerships worldwide. Join us to accelerate this transition, and at the same time, help accelerate your business innovation and development.

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