Food Valley Summit Packaging, 7th of December 2017

Changing the game

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The Food Packaging Summit, organized by Food Valley NL on the 7th of December, will feature various international speakers from the food packaging industry who will share their vision on the future of packaging. We will be looking at emerging trends in food packaging, Smart Packaging and Revolutionary Materials.

Food and packaging have always gone hand-in-hand. Will emerging changes force us to develop new packaging solutions? And will food packaging shift from its traditional role of containment and protection to a more active and intelligent role? Join us as we take a closer look at different types of smart packaging and from different angles of the supply chain.

During the day, you will be inspired with ideas for the future of packaging: biobased, sustainable, extending shelf life without losing the fresh experience and less -or even zero- waste.

Besides inspirational talks from keynote speakers and company pitches, you can visit the packaging experience area with physical examples of innovative packaging solutions. How will food ingredients look like in 2050 from 3D printers? What is the look and feel of new packaging solutions with different heating options per compartment? Visit this area during lunch and coffee break.


Share your opinion about food packaging and participate in our twitter polls starting November 2, 2017. We will be running three polls until the end of November and we would appreciate including your (anonymous) votes. The results of the poll will be presented during morning program. We invite you to share your interest during this interactive summit.

As operational efficiency is a top concern for food processors, the European Packaging Gallery (joint project with Food Valley NL) will organize a breakfast session together with Weber Benelux on the latest insights on robotics in food packaging. With plenty of room for questions, you are welcome to start our Packaging Summit with coffee & a sandwich.

Who should attend
We expect an international audience of packaging designers, innovation managers, food manufacturers, retailers and research organizations.

Food Valley Summits
The Packaging Summit is the fourth in a series of summits that Food Valley NL is organizing this year. Other topics in 2017 included Salt Reduction, Green Proteins, and Personalized Nutrition. In 2018 Food Valley will organize other summits on specific food industry related themes.

General information


Prices for the Packaging Summit are €95 (Food Valley Society Members €65). The optional EPG Breakfast Session costs €25. Prices excl. VAT.


Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 D-42
Ede, The Netherlands
Directions to Akoesticum

Date and time

07 December 2017 | 09.30 - 18.00hrs